Meet Barack Obama is a new website launched yesterday by the GOP. Read about it below and view video below.

The long fight for the nomination of the Democratic Party appears to be drawing to a close. Word is out that Hillary Clinton will concede the nomination to her opponent Barack Obama tomorrow. Once that is done, then Barack Obama will move to the next phase of the election. Now its one-on-one with John McCain

Now Barack Obama will be playing in the big leagues of national politics. While Hillary has been throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Obama, the RNC and the GOP have been gathering data. They launched a new website yesterday titled, ‘Meet Barack Obama‘.

Its a fascinating website. If you are interested in actually learning something about Barack Obama, as opposed to just buying the ‘change’ and ‘hope’ mantra, then you might want to check out the website. You can learn about his voting record. You can see his resume. Facts. Not spin. Not slander. Just facts.

You can get a nifty little widget that keeps track of how long its been since Obama visited Iraq. It seems that it might have been a good idea for him to spend a small fraction of the millions that have been donated to him to go see what’s going on there, since he’s made our failure there one of his talking points. He seems to be so keen on keeping us informed on how we have lost that war, yet he won’t go to Iraq and see it for himself.

You can also ask questions that you would like to ask Obama. You can ask you question via video or text. That is in a section titled, ‘Can We Ask’. The questions that have been asked there are interesting to read. It gives you an idea of the kinds of things the American people are wondering about this agent of ‘hope and change’.

Ross from Arizona asked this:

HOW do you plan to initiate CHANGE? How will you change course in Iraq? How will you improve race relations? How will you solve imigration? How will you work to prevent another terrorist attack? The last time we had a canidate running on “change”, we ended up with Jimmy Carter. So explain to me how you will succeed where others have failed.

I’ve wondered that myself. What exactly IS the change that Senator Obama keeps talking about. Is it rhetoric or is there a real plan? What exactly is it he intends to do? How does he intend to do it? Talk is cheap. What are will he really do?

Richard from New Jersey asked about Obama’s service to the country.

Mr Obama John McCain Served his country for years as a soldier, for even longer as a statesman, he has crossed party lines and attacked his own party, he has done his part, what have you really done?

They also include what the democrats have said about Obama.

Meet Barack Obama – Video

And so, the real contest begins.