Hillary Clinton endorses Obama and officially concedes her candidacy for the nomination of the Democratic Party on Saturday. This move brings her campaign for the Presidency of the United States to an end. Read more about it and see photos, the video of her concession speech and a transcript below.

Update: The concession speech is included in four parts below.

Clinton staffers earlier reported that Hillary Clinton will officially end her campaign for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency at noon on Saturday, June 7th. The speech came off as planned at the National Building Museum in Washington DC in front of a vocal crowd of about two thousand people, most of them women. She was late arriving so the historic moment occurred around 1pm EST.

Clinton and Obama met privately at the home of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in Washington D.C. yesterday evening. They each brought along one staff person and had their staff wait in another room of Feinstein’s home while they met together. The details of their discussion have not been made public. Diane Feinstein claims she knows nothing about what was discussed.

Right Pundits will be here to update this post on developments as they occur before and after Clinton’s speech.

Clinton Concession Speech
(Obama Endorsement Video)

Clinton Concession Speech – Part 1
(Obama Endorsement Video)

Clinton Concession Speech – Part 2
(Obama Endorsement Video)

Clinton Concession Speech – Part 3
(Obama Endorsement Video)

Clinton Concession Speech – Part 4
(Obama Endorsement Video)

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