On June 12, you can do your part to save our planet by simply letting one rip… um, a burp that is.

Climate concerns have prompted dozens of websites to help you calculate your carbon footprint — helping people feel even more guilty about being a human being in the 21st century and to get you to buy their carbon credits.

Well grassfire.org has organized Carbon Belch Day in response to the Lieberman-Warner “Climate Security” bill that went down in flames this morning. By many accounts, it will make it back on the Senate calendar sooner rather then later.

And the Carbon Belch thing? Well grassfire.org has put the climate crowd’s calculations (along with the “official” government calculator at the EPA) to more good use by developing a “Carbon Belch Calculator.” They have identified 21 things you can do to increase your Carbon Belch — and yes, that is a good thing. There’s also a pledge and a chance to purchase carbon debits. Doesn’t a debit make more sense then a credit? Anyway, it’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s all for the great goal of saving the planet. And really, right or left, who doesn’t want to do that?

Oh and by the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I used their calculator and found that I can easily belch over 98 pounds of CO2 on that day alone. Pardon me! The average American? Belches a 41.