Eric, of The Tygrrrr Express ran into the Hollywood Actor and Director Rob Reiner the other day. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

We here at Right Pundits are very fortunate in that we have a lot of wonderful friends in the blogging world. One of our blogging friends is Eric of The Tygrrrr Express. He has an interesting article today on a conversation he had with Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner, aka Meathead, the other day at UCLU.

It is no surprise that Reiner has ‘progressive’ leanings, but Eric is more than kind and reasonable in his recounting of the conversation they had. He gave a reasonable account of why he (Reiner) supports Clinton as opposed to Obama.

“Barack Obama has no experience. He has no record. He has no accomplishments.�?

“Hillary is losing because there is more sexism in this country than racism. Men don’t want a woman to lead them.�?

“Hillary is the only one that can win the general election. Barack Obama cannot win. There are several states Hillary can put in play, especially Florida. If Obama gets the nomination, John McCain wins Florida.�?

“I’m tired of losing. I want to Win the White House. Hillary can win the White House. We need to win the White House.�?

Why are you still here? Run on over to The Tygrrrr Express and read the rest of the story! But make sure you come back here :)

Rob Reiner – Video

photo source: archives