Democrat Party voters are feeling disenfranchised and have started a movement encouraging Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain. Read more and see photos below.

The Democratic Party seems to be anything other than democratic. They have a system in place that allows the elite of the party to select their nominee in case the voting people don’t chose the nominee they want to represent the party in the election. Very few people in the general public had a clue that this system was in place until Hillary Clinton just refused to bow to the dictates of the party elite and stayed in the primaries, winning the big states and popular vote, until the very end. She has yet to concede the race.

Since people have started learning about the ‘superdelegate’ system in the Democratic Party there has been a groundswell of anger from Democratic voters who are increasingly feeling disenfranchised and abandoned by their own party. In addition to the ‘superdelgate’ system, they have to deal with the fact that the Democratic Party has disqualified the voters of Michigan and Florida, in essence putting a half-price tag on their votes. Not surprisingly, many are expressing the fact that they feel their votes are irrelevant and aren’t valued by The Party.

An astonishing 25 to 45 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters have told pollsters that they will vote for John McCain in the general election if the Democratic Party ‘selects’ Barack Obama as their candidate. The Democratic Party is spinning this to be ‘normal’ anger that builds up in primaries and that by the time the election comes around everyone will ‘come home’ and vote with their party. The problem is, people are more than just a little angry. People are very, very angry.

Its not just ‘normal’ politics in which there’s been some nasty mudslinging from one candidate to the other. People do tend to get past that. Its more about the party elite disenfranchising voters in order to get their favored candidate elected. People feel betrayed by The Party, not the candidate. That’s a creature of a whole other stripe. Because of this betrayal, there is a grassroots effort by Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain.

Hi folks. My name is Ed Hale and I am life long Democrat till May 31, 2008. When I saw those 30 people break the rules and make their own, and then to vote to take away 4 of Hillary Clinton’s delegates, but worst of all, make the uncommitted go for Obama, that was my last straw. What I saw today was what went on in the USSR (Russia) 30 years ago. The Boss’s called the shots, and I decide that I did not want any part of them.

I’ll refrain from saying that I’ve been saying the left-wing of the Democratic Party has had Marxist leanings for a while now. It appears that more and more of the Democrats in our country are starting to realize that for themselves. Its not about what the people want. Its not about what’s best for the country. Its about The Party and what the elite of The Party want to do. They will tell you what to think, what to say and how to feel about it. They really do feel that the people don’t know what’s best for them and that they have to make those decisions for us all.

Hillary Clinton Supporters