The toilet crisis at the International Space Station has finally been fixed. Read how we barely averted disaster and see photos and a video below.

Another devious plan by the Clinton camp to crap on Obama’s candidacy has been foiled, just in the nick of time. It wasn’t enough for Hillary to play a game of ‘gotcha’ with Obama on the night he was going to announce he is the democratic nominee for President. Oh, yes she did. She said she was going to concede the race and then she didn’t.

THEN she completely emasculated him by volunteering to be his Vice-President. Now it looks like she wears the pants in the relationship regardless of what he does. She’ll probably take that back too. Just as soon as he asks her to be on the ticket, she’ll pull her hand back and say, ‘gotcha’! And then laugh that evil laugh while he fantasizes stuff about her that I can’t even repeat here. You know he does!

She managed to have all the news about HER on HIS big night. The woman is certifiable evil, I tell you.

As we all know, she or her surrogates secretly conspired with Tom Cruise to fly up to the International Space Station. They snuck in, in the middle of the night while all the astronauts and cosmonauts were sleeping upside down like a bunch of bats. Once in the tin can of a space station (see photos below), they broke the ONE AND ONLY TOILET those poor guys have. Don’t you think with all the IQ points of all the scientists at NASA it might have occurred to ONE of them that they might need at least one extra bathroom???? Sheesh.

Clinton operatives had calculated their little, cold, hard hearts out and figured out the exact moment that the broken toilet issue on the space station would reach critical mass. The entire plan was put into place so that it would overflow at the exact moment that Barack Obama would take the stage at the Democratic National Convention to accept the nomination of the party for President of the United States. Hillary has had wonderfully long orgasmic dreams about that moment. There he’d be, standing before his worshipers, hands held out welcoming their applause and chants, smiling with face uplifted to the skies. For a fleeting moment there would be magic in the air. He would soar above the crowd, appearing larger than life, as the arbiter of hope and change. He would be standing there as women fainted beneath him, men prayed to him and the crowds deliriously chanted ‘OBAMA’, ‘Obama’, ‘OBAMA’.

Then SPLAATTT! Right in his face and down his arms and legs. The ecstasy would turn to horror as the crowd realized the whole thing was nothing more than a load of shit. They would scream and cry. They would gag, spit and sputter. They would stampede to the exits searching for Hillary to save them while Obama would be standing there covered in shit.

OMG! How she loved those dreams.

Sadly, all of her well orchestrated plans went down the toilet today.

A super HOT Russian cosmonaut/plumber guy fixed the toilet on the International Space Station. Ta – freaking – da!!! W00T! for the Russians. No, that isn’t the actual Russian cosmonaut/plumber guy in the photos. That’s actually a Polish dude in France, but I thought his picture would suffice because … well …. Poland and Russia are over there in the same general vicinity of the world and ….. well ….. look at him!

The world sighed a sigh of relief at the news today. We hold the Russian cosmonaut/plumber up as a hero because we all know that men go to the bathroom outside and when outside is flying over our heads it causes more than a little concern. Never give up on Hillary though. The Russians will undoubtedly pay for this ill-advised stepping on her toes. Plans are already underway, if you know what I mean.

International Space Station Toilet Fixed – Video