Communists of the World Unite for Obama

As if John McCain did not have enough to worry about at home, evidence is mounting that communist nations are lining up solidly behind Democrat presidential nominee, Barack Obama. See the growing list below.

Perhaps unfortunately for Obama, many of his foreign backers hail from communist nations and other curious dictatorial regimes. The latest comes in an Associated Press article complete with quotes from residents of Marxist nations all over the world. We’re not sure that Obama really wants this support, but he has it nonetheless so there is no ducking it now.

Here are the highlights from the latest news report that may cause the Obama campaign to demand a retraction.

Jorge Serguera of Havana Cuba says that Obama is “a thinking man of ethics and ideal. Bush’s leaving will let Cuba rest a bit after eight years.”

Ngo Van Hung of communist Vietnam says that Obama “seems to be a peace lover. He would have a better understanding of how to treat people of different nationalities and different countries.”

Zhu Feng, who has a very long state authorized title in Peking China says: “He will bring new energy into America’s domestic politics and foreign policies.”

This may come as no surprise given Obama’s Marxist roots. His stepfather was a devout Marxist and his mother a communist. His cousin in Kenya is currently involved in a bloody fight for an Islamic theocracy under Marxist rule. Obama’s brother in Kenya is an activist in the revolutionary “Luo” brigades who has said that the black man must “liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture.”

We will update this list as the campaign season unfolds and foreigners make their views known to the American voter through reputable news outlets. Please help us in the comments with new sources that can document world opinion on the USA presidential election.

What other Marxist nations and prominent communists are for Obama?

Marxists for Obama

Courtesy AP article June 4/2008:

Known previously:
Kenya (Marxist relatives Abongo “Roy” Obama, Barack Obama’s brother, and cousin Raila Odinga who is guilty of ethnic cleansing)

Venezuela (Communist dictator Hugo Chavez)

(list updated daily)