Meet James Marzilli, a Democratic State Senator from Massachusetts who has been arrested for indecent behavior towards a woman and trying to out run the police on foot. Read his biography and see photos of him below.

Massachusetts State Senator, James Marzilli, went and got himself arrested for lewd conduct with a woman in a park in Massachusetts. Apparently, he approached a woman who was sitting on a park bench and made ‘inappropriate sexual’ comments to her. He then attempted to touch her in a ‘sexual manner’. The ‘sexual manner’ was such that the woman had to physically resist him. Apparently, she won the physical showdown with the man because he took off and she called the police. Who’s the really pussy here? Apparently, she whooped his ass in a fist fight, mano-a-mano whimpo-a-mano. This is understandable considering most secular progressives have never been in even a playground fight.

When the police found Marzilli, he tried to tell them that he wasn’t him and when they knew it was him he took off running. They chased him down and arrested him in a parking garage. No word on how long Marzilli lasted in the foot chase. Apparently his inability to outrun the police had something to do with being yet another ‘wide stance’ politician – I’m just guessing on that, of course. So he ended up spending a few hours in the slammer on Tuesday and is charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempting to commit a crime, assault and battery, and obstruction of justice.

It gets worse.

After all this happened yesterday, it comes to be known that this isn’t the first time the long-term Massachusetts State Senator has done this sort of thing. Its just the first time he got trapped like a rat and is having to face the consequences of his lewd and lascivious behavior. Apparently, a woman filed a complaint against him for similar acts back in April when the two of them were both at a fundraiser. That woman reported him to the police with a complaint of assault. He was not charged in that case since the prosecutors golf with him couldn’t find sufficient evidence to take the case to trial.

Of course, he did the perp walk out of jail last night with the obligatory long suffering wife in tow for photo ops. He’s scheduled for arraignment today in the Lowell District Court.

All in all, considering the record Massachusetts has for showing love to criminal Representatives, he could very well be facing life in his State Senate position. He’ll have to include his anointed successor in his will.

There’s a video of the story that you can view.

UPDATE Another woman has come forward claiming that Marzilli accosted her yesterday morning. She rebuffed his advances and four hours later attempted to grab the crotch of the woman sitting on the park bench.

Marzilli is said to have run against traffic through the streets of Lowell creating havoc. When the police caught he, he gave the name of one of his Senate colleagues rather than his own. He also gave them a false birth date and address. He started crying and whimpering that his life was over. He accused the police of trying to destroy him. I’m sure his prison associates will gladly comfort him when he starts crying and blaming them when things don’t go well for him in jail.

James Marzilli Biography

J. James (Jim) Marzilli, Jr. was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is 50-years-old. He was educated in Arlington Public Schools and attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he received a bachelor’s degree in political science.

He started his political career as the Commissioner with the Arlington Housing Authority from 1988 until 1991. He was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1984 and was re-elected to that position for almost nine terms. His ninth term was cut short when he won a seat in the Massachusetts Senate in a special election. He represents the communities of Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington and Woburn.

He sits on a number of prestigious boards and has been awarded ‘Legislator of the Year’ and ‘Environmental Legislator of the Year’ for his work in raising minimum wages and environmental activism. He is considered a ‘progressive democrat’.