Here is the thread for South Dakota exit polls and election results for the South Dakota primary. We will live-blog throughout the day on June 3rd, 2008 for the Democrat primary so use this thread to start the dialog. Winners will be posted as soon as we can make the call.

15 delegates will be divided by Clinton and Obama along with the 8 at-large super-delegates.

The polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is going to blowout Barack Obama with an embarrassing victory. The scale may be 2-1 on par with the West Virginia and Puerto Rico results, and it should not be lost on our dear readers that Obama has slipped 38 points in the past two months (see below). But let us wait for the vote rather than listen to the pundits, at least right now.

The likely outcome in South Dakota has caused the Obama campaign some consternation, and as usual during these bad primary nights they will change the subject. Obama is lining up super-delegates and is expected to claim the Democrat nomination for President of the United States in his speech Tuesday night in the face of a resounding defeat.

So while Hillary Clinton will continue to pick up delegates, the headline on Wednesday will be that the race is over. Really over this time. Promise. The questions are how soon Clinton will concede and how gracious she will be in defeat while her supporters remain bitter over perceived sexism in the Obama campaign.

We will give you the data and make the call before any of the major news sources. They will keep you hanging for ratings, while we will give you the facts just as early as they are known.

Here are the polls on election eve:

South Dakota Polls

The latest pre-election polls are below.

ARG (5/31 – 6/1/08)
Barack Obama – 34%
Hillary Clinton – 60%

Mason-Dixon (3/24 – 4/3/08)
Barack Obama – 46%
Hillary Clinton – 34%

June 3rd, 2008 Live-blogging Updates:

South Dakota exit poll data (Democrat):

(Updated throughout the day)

Published exit poll data. (later)

Update (MBT) 2:42 EST – there are stong rumors that Hillary will concede tonite. The AP is running a story that Hillary will concede either tonite or tomorrow (based on her compaign response that she will not concede tonite). 11 superdelegates have moved over to the Obama camp, one of them being the influential House Whip Rep. James Clyburn endorsed Obama today. “I came to that decision because I do believe that he has elevated this campaign,… He has energized our constituents. He is redrawing an electoral map for Democrats.” Also, Feinstein has called for Hillary to back out of the race saying, “I think a decision has to be made about whether keeping this nomination wide open is in the best interest of winning in November. I do not believe that it is, and I’m a very strong supporter of Hillary being placed on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate.”

Update (MBT) 3:04 EST New Super Delegates pledges to Obama:
Joyce Lalonde (MI)
Rep. James Clyburn (SC)
Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI)
Rep. John Spratt (SC)
Ralph Dawson (NY)
Tim Moore (SC – Edward Delegate)

DNC member David McDonald (WA)

State Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (MS)

Palm Beach Post:
DNC Member Janee Murphy (FL) (1/2 vote)

Detroit Free Press:
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (Rep. Kilpatrick’s son)
DNC member Debbie Dingell (Wife of Rep. Dingell)
Rick Wiener (MI)
***All MI votes = 1/2 vote

Exit Polls (AP):
1/3 of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain or stay home.
7/10 say Obama and Clinton are both trustworthy.
economy is the most important issue.
1/3 are very worried about economy.

South Dakota Primary Results (Democrats):