Here is the thread for Montana exit polls and election results for the Montana primary. We will live-blog throughout the day on June 3rd, 2008 for the Democrat primary so use this thread to start the dialog. Winners will be posted as soon as we can make the call.

16 delegates will be divided by Clinton and Obama, added to the 8 super-delegates.

The polls indicate that Obama’s support in Montana has substantially eroded in the past month. That is, if we are to believe the only two polling outfits which canvassed the state in May. If Hillary Clinton comes close to winning Montana, blame will be placed squarely on Obama’s ties to his controversial church in Chicago.

Nevertheless it is all over but for the phat lady to sing. Hillary Clinton will succumb to a mountain of super-delegate endorsements on Tuesday which may put Obama over the top by Tuesday night no matter how she does in the state. Hillary was cool while she lasted, Hill and Bill, together for perhaps the last time.

While we await the results, you can read Kristin Teigen’s account of Barack Obama pandering to Native Americans in Montana. Apparently he has promised to appoint a Native American to his senior staff regardless of need.

We will give you the data and make the call before any of the major news sources. They will keep you hanging for ratings, while we will give you the facts just as early as they are known.

Here are the polls on election eve:

Montana Polls

The latest pre-election polls are below.

ARG (5/31 – 6/1/08)
Barack Obama – 48%
Hillary Clinton – 44%

Mason-Dixon (5/19 – 5/21/08)
Barack Obama – 52%
Hillary Clinton – 35%

June 3rd, 2008 Live-blogging Updates:

Montana exit poll data (Democrat):

(Updated throughout the day)

Published exit poll data. (later)

Exit Polls (AP):
1/3 of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain or stay home.
60% will be unhappy if Obama wins.
70% say Obama is trustworthy. Only 50% say Clinton is trustworthy.
40% say economy is the most important issue.
1/3 are very worried about economy.

Montana Primary Results (Democrats):