Harriet Christian is upset with the Democratic Party. That doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party is divided. Howard Dean said its doing just fine and that makes it so. Period. Video evidence of party unity is provided below.

Harriet Christian – Video

Older American citizen, second-class citizen, non-existent citizen and New York resident, Harriet Christian, got thrown out of the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on Saturday and she was just a tad upset about it as evidenced by this video. She apparently is taking exception to the fact that the democratic party isn’t democratic at all. Instead, they have a system set up that pretty much over-rides the votes of the people. How can that be? They are so mature and fair. There’s not a hate-filled lunatic in the bunch.

According to Ms. Christian, her vote is pretty much being thrown out the window. She says the Democratic party is too secretive and making deals behind closed doors that ignore the wishes of the voters. I believe that’s called elitism – the few know what’s best for the masses. You know, kinda like Stalin.

I’m not real good with the New York accent so I thought she said something about them being black mailed by inadequacy and something about Harry Krishna. I was wrong. Here’s what Harriet Christian said:

“I’m proud to be an older American woman….

“The Democrats are throwing the election away. For what? An inadequate black male, who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president?

“And I’m not gonna shut my mouth anymore. I can be called white, but you can’t be called black. That’s not my America. It’s equality for all of us. It’s about time we all stood up for it.

“I’m no second class citizen, and God damn the Democrats….

“I came here for the vote of every American, and our Democratic Party threw us down the tubes. I was a second class citizen before, now I’m nothing. Why? Because they want to do what they want to do.

“And they think we won’t turn and vote for McCain. Well, I got news for all of you: McCain will be the next president of the United States.”

The leftist blogs are hammering this today. Most of them are brushing Christian off as a lunatic. You know, most of us have heard the usual arguments they give to people who don’t agree with them … ‘moron’, ‘lunatic’, ‘hate-filled’, ‘racist’, ‘idiot’. I’m sure I left a few of their cogent arguing points out, but you know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m sure. They are saying she was a plant from the Hillary Clinton campaign, that she was bused in to make the argument. They are saying she’s just a ‘typical Hillary supporter’ – we are hearing a lot of that kind of characterization here lately. I’m just saying that as a ‘typical white person’. They are referring to her as one of ‘Ferraro’s women’, a ‘Hillary hacker’ and so much more.

In other words, they are dissing her altogether, because as we all know, the Democratic Party is NOT divided! No one that matters in the Democratic Party is feeling disenfranchised just because they have a system of nomination that ignores the voters …. superdelegates. The Democratic Party is NOT divided. No one is going to be upset if they nominate The One they decided to nominate from the get-go. The Democratic Party is NOT divided. There will be no Recreate 68 because their leaders, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi, have said they’d decide the nominee before the convention. The Democratic Party is NOT divided!

The Democratic Party has been busily redefining terms for a while now. Patriotism is NOT saluting the American Flag. Its criticizing the country out of love for the country. Its handcuffing our Troops while at war and sympathizing with the enemy. Selection is election and election is selection. Racism is judging someone on their merit rather than the color of their skin. Sexism is the same. The elite selecting the nominee is democratic.

Anger and disenfranchisement are unity – not division.

The Democratic Party is NOT divided.
The Democratic Party is NOT divided.
The Democratic Party is NOT divided.
The Democratic Party is NOT divided.
The Democratic Party is NOT divided.

Never mind all of this. Its just the elephant in the room.

UPDATE 6.2.2008: Harriet Christian is being interviewed by Neil Cavuto right now. She is coming across in a much more reasonable manner and is basically saying the same thing, only calmer. She is talking about Obama’s inexperience yet he continues to get 92% of African American vote. She states that there is no way that many people in one demographic would vote for any one person unless they were basing their vote on race. She is stating that many people aren’t paying attention to what the candidates stand for, but are basing their votes on race and/or gender.

video: Firedoglake