Hillary Clinton has easily won the Puerto Rico democratic primary. Currently, 3% of the vote is in and she is ahead at 67% to Obama’s 33%. Obama has called Hillary to congratulate her on her win and Hillary is participating in the Puerto Rican political tradition of caravaning around the San Juan area. It is a Puerto Rican tradition that political campaigns do a full day on a caravan that involves car rides, walks through towns and speeches. At some point she will be on the back of a flat bed truck, waving and speaking to the crowds along the way. Hillary says she is looking forward to participating in the new experience.

Obama did very little campaigning in Puerto Rico as he did with several ‘blue collar’ states that he didn’t expect to win. He has been quoted as stating that he is building a ‘new base’ for the democratic party rather than relying on the old base of blue collar workers. In addition, the Democratic Rules Committee selected him to win yesterday anyway. Why should he bother with the little people?

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Ricans do not vote in the general election in November. They do, however, contribute 55 pledged delegates to the Clinton campaign. The primaries in Puerto Rico are third to the last. The only remaining primaries are South Dakota (15 delegates) and Montana (16 delegates).

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan, but I have to say that it looked like she was having a hell of a good time in Puerto Rico. Too bad Obama didn’t try to taste some of the flavor of the culture there.