I thought I’d open a thread for anyone who wanted to comment about the fate of Florida or Michigan today. Several Dem strategists I know have suggested that Hillary has some plan to get them all seated today. The rumor is that she has some ace up the sleeve. If you have any comments or thoughts, lets hear it.


2:00pm (ET): Congressman Robert Wexler of Baton Rouge brought some life into an otherwise fairly boring proceeding as the Democrats try to determine how many of the people’s votes they intend to ignore. Wexler stood up on behalf of Barack Obama and magnanimously offered a concession to allow half of the Florida delegates to be seated at the Democratic convention. He offered this as a major concession.

The concession that Wexler offered is being referred to as the Ausman petition.

Wexler said that Obama was embracing what has become known as the Ausman petition, the Florida Democratic Party’s proposal as put forward by Florida DNC member Jon Ausman, but he said Obama supports only counting the state’s superdelegates as half votes, a stance that was met with boos in the room.

Of course, that’s half the delegates that the Hillary Clinton camp wants. The Democratic Rules Committee does not seem to be making a great deal of headway in their effort to SELECT their presidential candidate.

Harold Ickes is Hillary Clinton’s primary representative in this tete-a-tete. He is warning of major defections among the committee memebers who have endorsed Clinton. ~ Beth

Update 5:45 EST – There is a report that the committee meeting behind closed doors has reached a compromise promising to seat all the delegates but only counting each one as .5. I’m not sure what this means for the total number needed to reach a majority however. Bryan

***Update 7:27 EST - (MBT) The Rules committee voted to seat all Florida and Michigan Delegates with 1/2 vote each.

I personally have a problem with this, since only Hillary’s name was on the ballot in Michigan. They should have evenly divided the vote there.

***Update 7:32 pm EST (MBT) – Rumors are that Hillary’s campaign will appeal to the credentials committee at the convention. She was satisfied with the Florida compromise, but she wanted the Michigan delegation seated in full.

Michigan’s delegation will be split 69 delegates to Clinton and 59 to Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) the totals then halved, leaving Clinton with 34.5 delegates and Obama with 29.5 delegates. This was a compromise suggested earlier in the week. The measure was approved 19 to 8.