Sexual relations between unmarried soldiers in Afghanistan is no longer banned by the US Military. Soldiers can have sex in Afghanistan! Read more about it below.

Good news for single soldiers and civilians working for the U.S. military in Afghanistan! The U.S. military says they can have sex in Afghanistan now. Of course, they still strongly discourage it, but its not banned as it was up until now. This might explain the sharp increase of soldiers volunteering to do their tours of duty in Afghanistan. I’m KIDDING!

Up until this new order came down unmarried men and women could not have sex while deployed to Afghanistan. In the past year 28 soldiers from the 173rd Airborne have been punished for having sex or for violating the ‘no-entry’ rule. I wonder if this new order will be retroactive? If not, I bet those guys are pretty pissed off at this point.

Of course, being the military, there are regulations involved in removing this ban on sex. For one thing, all persons in the living quarters have to be okay with it. For another, they have to leave the door open. I. Am. Not. Kidding.

Interviews of soldiers currently deployed in Afghanistan revealed that the sexual behavior of male and female soldiers in close living situations in Afghanistan is really not an issue. The married soldiers said this new order will not affect them because they are …. well …. married. Most single soldiers said its really not an issue because they are soldiers, Sir, and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, Sir, and thats just not something they even think about much less do, Sir. Other single soldiers said they didn’t even notice there were women in their units. A lot of the soldiers had no comment. All wonder why the U.S. Military decided to change the ‘no entry’ order seeing as how that’s not a behavior that’s going on at all.

So, to sum it all up. Soldiers in Afghanistan can have sex with one another as long as its with a member of the opposite sex, they have the permission of everyone else in the room (does that mean they have to go around and get written consent? How many people are IN the room?), and they leave the door open. They also need to understand that the military still disapproves of it even though they won’t get thrown in the clink for it anymore.

If they can stay in the mood by the time they make sure they’ve met all the regulations, then I say more power to them.