Meet Pastor James David Manning of Harlem who has become famous by very publicly challenging Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the ministry of churches like Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago. Read his biography and see photos and a video of his sermon on The Trinity of Hell below.

Pastor James David Manning has been speaking out LOUDLY against presidential hopeful, Barack Obama for some time now. Lately, he has expanded his rhetoric to include Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Oprah Winfrey. He is the pastor of the Atlah World Ministries based in Harlem. Manning originally came to the attention of the media when he called Obama ‘a good Negro’, ‘white trash’ and ‘a pimp’. As you can see in the video below, he is now calling both Obama and Rev Wright ‘homosexuals’ and Oprah a ‘lesbian’. Yikes! He calls them all ‘The Trinity of Hell’. Yikes again! He has also called Barack Obama a ‘Mack Daddy‘ and been highly critical of Jeremiah Wright and others who he says use their positions to keep Black people in a victim mentality.

I’ve read a lot of blogs and comments about Pastor James David Manning. People seem outraged that he uses his pulpit to say such vile things about these leaders in the Black community. The problem that I have is that those same people didn’t seem outraged that Reverend Jeremiah Wright used his pulpit to preach hate. I’m not making a statement about who is right or wrong, I’m just wondering why one is okay and the other isn’t.

Pastor James David Manning Biography

Pastor James David Manning, PhD is the pastor of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem. He has pastored there since 1981. He received his undergraduate degree from The College of New Rochelle. From there he went to Union Theological Seminary in New York City and earned a Master of Divinity Degree. He received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Atlah Theological Seminary.

Pastor Manning is married to Elizabeth Sarah Manning who also works as part of the Atlah ministry. They are parents and grandparents.

James David Manning – Video