Here is the video of Bill O’Reilly angry from his days at Inside Edition. O’Reilly has trouble with a teleprompter and unresponsive staff which causes him to go nuts.

Updated with cool dance remix video, see below.

Behind the scenes, the humorless O’Reilly is an angry tyrant who paints that phony smile on his face when the camera goes on. Most of the anchors on the news entertainment shows are egotistical ugly people. O’Reilly is no exception to the rule, and neither is his seldom watched counterpart, Keith Olbermann.

Warning: this YouTube video contains a swearing Bill O’Reilly going nuts using the F-bomb repeatedly. But even more offensive than mere profanity, the fellow who is looking out for us folks forgot to look out for his hair.

Bill O’Reilly Angry (Video)

Bill O’Reilly Dance Remix (Video)

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