Our blockbuster educational week continues on Right Pundits. All men of the world can find common ground in these simple rules of male bathroom etiquette.

This instructive video is offered as a public service, as a natural continuation of the contributions made this week by Mary Beth on the important academic topics of naked partying on college campuses and the new wave of urinal crime gripping western democracies.

In fact, the following Google search finds that Mary Beth’s really big pig post is #4 in the world out of 480,000 posts, which is slightly higher than the New York Times article on this same topic:

world record pig killed in georgia

And the world is a very pig big place. That’s right, we are relevant, and we owe it all to Mary Beth. Now on to the video:

Male Room Etiquette Video

Stick with it for at least the first three minutes, since the first half of this YouTube video is hillarious! Then it goes too long and degenerates, but still a small price to pay for such original entertainment. Or this a guy insider thing? Am I telling too many secrets?

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