Donna Lou Sanders is an Arkansas Special Education teacher who has been arrested and released on bail for pimping her daughter and other students.

Forty-six-year-old Donna Lou Sanders has been teaching Special Education students at Magnolia Junior High School in Magnolia, Arkansas. She’s also been doing a lot of extra curricular work … like pimping out her own 12-year-old daughter and other 12 and 13 year old girls. She was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 12 counts of permitting abuse of a minor, and 10 counts of rape. She was released on $100,000 bail on Monday and is currently in a private mental health facility out of state. She has admitted to all of the charges against her.

Her crimes are that she was facilitating the use of 12 and 13-year-old girls for sexual acts with men. She would rent hotel rooms for the girls to have sex with others. The men involved at the hotels were in their twenties for the most part. There are arrest warrants for those males. She also would also drive around in her car while the girls were having sex in the back seat. A 15-year-old boy was also involved. With his parent’s permission, he has provided the police with information that one of the girls was his girlfriend. Its being reported that he told police that Ms. Sanders provided the youths with alcohol, would drive them to a remote cabin and leave them alone for a couple of hours or more at a time so they could have sex.

There’s no evidence that Sanders was receiving money for these acts, so her motives are very unclear at this point.

Her husband is the assistant principle at the school where she taught (past tense, she resigned) and claims he knew nothing about any of this until she was arrested.

That’s a lovely mug shot of Donna Lou Sanders. She obviously has been crying. Sob. Sob. What exactly did she think was going to happen?

WHAT IS WITH THIS RASH OF TEACHER HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN or, as in this case, just facilitating the children having sex with each other or some pervert they met on the internet? Has this sort of thing always happened and we are just hearing about it more or is it a more or less new phenomenon?

There isn’t a video out of Donna Lou yet, but there are plenty of teacher sex scandals to chose from these days …..

Teacher Sex Scandal (Video)