Emily Threlkeld is taking one of the most eligible political bachelors off the market by marrying Former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.

Twenty-six year old Emily Threlkeld works in the fashion industry as a public relations person. She’s currently working for clothing designer Carolina Herrera in New York. She’s also going to be marrying former Democratic Congressman from Tennessee, the 37-year-old Harold Ford, Jr. Word is they are getting married this weekend.

Harold Ford, Jr. has been considered one of the most eligible bachelors in politics for years. With his high profile, good looks and genteel southern charm, its only natural that he’s been subjected to all sorts of rumors about his love life. As is evidenced by the campaign video under the fold, his appeal to women and reputation as a bit of a ladies man (to put it mildly) has been used as fodder for his opponents in campaigns. Interestingly, he’s done a pretty good job of keeping his relationship with Emily Threlkeld private. Its not that people didn’t know about her, its just that there has been virtually no gossip about their relationship and they’ve been dating three years!

For all the time they’ve been dating and her career in the fashion world, I can only find a couple of pictures of her on the internet. That’s so weird. You’d think people would have been sneaking around trying to catch him in a compromising position all these three years. Apparently not. I guess since he’s not CURRENTLY a Congressman and failed in his last attempt to win a seat in Senate, the paparazzi have hounded other potential sources of gossip. Still, these two seem like the perfect couple for huge amounts of gossip and photos all over the place. They have it all. Really. Unless, of course, its because there are some in the black community that feel he’s abandoned his black heritage by marrying a white woman. There’s some real hostility about that on the internet and I’ve read quite a few that claim he’s not ‘black enough’.

Whatever the case, there are rumors that he has his eye on the governors mansion in Tennessee if not another Senate race. Now he’s settling down and will probably drop his playboy image and apparently Emily Threlkeld will be at his side.

We dated a little over two and a half years,” said Ford, 37, a former congressman and current Democratic Party leader who ran for U.S. Senate last year. “We dated throughout my campaign.

“I didn’t appreciate the demands on her just because I was so focused on the race. She was so incredibly supportive and generous with her patience and, more than that, showed a love toward me that I didn’t really fully appreciate until after the race.

“It wasn’t long after I met her that I knew it was something special,” Ford said. “It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. It wasn’t until after the race that I realized I was more than ready to go to the next level with her and I was ready to share the rest of my life with her.”

Ahhhh. that’s sweet!

Congratulations to the couple on their wedding this coming weekend.

Harold Ford Jr (Video)