Continuing our hookers theme of the day, let us take a look at the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Nevada. This was the curious destination for a class field trip from Randolph College in Lynchberg, Virginia.

The legs belong to a working girl named Alicia. One of the students in the photograph has his legs crossed. I know what that means.

The bordello is located an hour drive from Las Vegas in the sleepy town of Pahrump, one of 27 legal pleasure farms in Nevada. It has been serving the public capably for 21 years.

The class field trip journeyed a along way from home to complete their course on “American consumption.” Randolph College is a small liberal arts school which is 99% women. They just began allowing men last year, so my thinking is that some of these poor girls are getting desperate for a man.

Clearly the Chicken Ranch brothel is the last place in the world to send your impressionable daughters for an education, especially when dad signed you up for an all-girl education at sheltered Randolph College.

But that is what they did. Two game gals from the Chicken Ranch Brothel acted as guest lecturers. The answered questions on their work and world views. It turns out that they give a military discount to support the troops.

When asked “do you consider yourself a feminist?” hooker Alexis responded that “most women in this business wear the pants in the family.�? But not often.

Chicken Ranch Field Trip (Video)