Monday was another busy day for the Fake News Media! We start out with the ′Love Birds′ at MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ falsely claiming that Kellyanne Conway secretly hates President Donald Trump. Yeah, that′s why she gave up a million-dollar business and moved her family to Washington so she can take a huge pay cut to work for somebody she hates. The lies Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough spread are truly beyond all reason. Later in the day, we have the Washington Post publishing another Fake News story about how President Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during a meeting last week at the White House. Forget that the Washington Post got caught publishing two major Fake News items last week about President Trump firing James Comey. Once again, the WashPo only offers innuendo from unnamed, anonymous sources. Meanwhile, those who were actually in the room during the meeting deny the story completely.

Morning Joe Kellyanne Conway

Sadly, it just doesn′t end with merely the Establishment Media, which has gone totally deranged in their hatred of President Donald Trump. I saw The Daily Caller run a story about how Ann Coulter is losing faith in Trump. Seems that she is growing weary over the building of ′The Wall′ along the Mexican border. I have said it before and I′ll keep on saying it, ″Trust In Trump!″ Poor Ann just doesn′t ′get it′. Her lack of faith is due to her lack of knowledge in the discipline of Trump Fu. The greatest martial art of the 21st Century!

As an Abbot and disciple of Trump Fu, I am reminded of the old Shaolin saying, ″It is the impatient squirrel who goes nuts rather than gathering them.″ In terms of Trump Fu, President Donald Trump has already built The Wall! He has created it in our minds. The idea of The Wall exists, therefore it does exist. Just look at the reality. We have already seen a drop of over 70% in illegal border crossings! Along the Florida coast, the number of aliens trying to use boats to enter our country has dropped to ZERO!

Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Mika & Joe, and the liars at the Washington Post just don′t get it at all. I would like to think that it is due to the simple fact that none of them can pee on a fire from a distance. That they have all just wussed out and are lost. However, I suspect that they are angry, their hearts filled with hatred. Last night, Tucker Carlson on Fox News perhaps put it best that The Media are afflicted with blinding rage. They refuse to see anything positive.

I see plenty of positive things in the Trump administration. Just yesterday, we had yet more new records on Wall Street. Since Trump′s election, the Russell 2000 index has increased some 17%! We haven′t even had the tax cuts yet! Just wait till all of that happens! As a another Shaolin saying goes, ″The sheepskin is good for holding water, but is delightful when holding wine.″ Once again, we have more examples of Trump Fu at work. Thoughts moving from the subconscious to the conscious, then taking physical form, physical reality.

Just look at the latest dribble from Barack Obama. He now claims that not bombing Syria after they used chemical weapons to kill civilians was brave and courageous. That is plain insanity! If Obama had his way, FDR would have let Germany and Japan conquer the whole world. Trump Fu is action! President Trump acted, swiftly and decisively with his cruise missile technique and the Tomahawk Palm method. Trump then exercised his MOAB Punch against ISIS, blasting them to smithereens.

All the fools at ″Morning Joe and the Washington Post have to counter Trump Fu are lies. Fake News. Others, like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage, suffer from a lack of faith. Mostly, I suspect, because success by President Donald Trump will hurt their business of writing books about how bad things are. For myself, I will be happy when Trump Makes America Great Again! I will go on practicing and improving my skills in Trump Fu, such as the Sean Spicer Podium Grip. Hopefully, finding devoted disciples whom also wish to learn and become enlightened in the ways of Trump Fu. As long as there are Liberals, Socialists, there will always be a threat of Liberty. To Freedom. There will always be a need for Trump Fu to fight Evil and to keep us free and safe.

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