Celebrate Mothers Day 2017 with the El Rey Network as they air the ″Kick Ass Kung Fu Mama Marathon″! Yep! We will be treated to 6 classic, authentic, Kung Fu movies from those wacky Shaw Brothers, Run Run and Runme Shaw. All in ultra-wide format ′Shaw Scope′! See lovely Chinese babes like Pei Pei Cheng and Ivy Ling Po hack off heads, arms, legs and smash the rib cages of their male opponents. Fountains of blood will gush as these hot ladies wield swords, knives and spears all with extraordinary magnitude! Far better than watching some soapy-dopey flick on the Lifetime or Hallmark channels.

Mothers Day 2017 Kung Fu Mama Marathon

The fun begins at 11am Eastern on El Rey, starting off with the film, ″Come Drink With Me″. Next follows, ″Golden Swallows″, then ″The 14 Amazons″, ″Clan of Amazons″, ″Executioners of Shaolin″ and ends with ″Clan of the White Lotus″. Now THAT is entertainment! Wholesome, clean fun for the whole family.

El Rey Network has been a lifeboat for me of late, especially in the mornings. I hardly ever watch the 6am cable news shows any more, as they all suck! ″Morning Joe″ is even worse now that the dummies on CNN. As for ″Fox & Friends″, I usually watch the early version at 5am to see what the headlines for the day are. At 6am, El Rey airs two Kung Fu movies every week day. True, I might only watch the first one for a bit, but I usually DVR the rest to watch later in the day. I′m so disappointed with Eric Bolling′s new show at 5pm on Fox News, I time my DVR playback accordingly. I don′t know who Eboni K. Williams is, other than she is some defense lawyer, but Katharine ′Kat′ Timpf is simply awful! She′s some ′Never Trump′-er who got her start on FNC through Greg ′Cuckfeld′ Gutfeld.

For those of you have are not aware of El Rey, they offer much in the way of ′Grindhouse′ style action films. During the day, they run a different series of classic TV shows like ″Knight Rider″ and ″Air Wolf″. In the evening the blood starts flowing with action classics like ″Machete″ or horror flicks like ″House of 1,000 Corpses″. I almost wish I had one of those old drive-in speakers hooked up to my TV for that authentic, tinny, scratchy sound.

So give mom what she really needs. The Mothers Day 2017 ′Kick Ass Kung Fu Mama Marathon″ on the El Rey Network. I just love those Kung Fu movies from Hong Kong and Taiwan, produced by the Shaw Brothers. Recently, I have mastered the 7th level of Flying Squirrel Kung Fu, enabling me to talk out of synch and in the tone of those old dudes with the long white beards and whiskers who tell their opponents, ″My Tiger Kung Fu is better than yours!″ So will you watch some emasculating movie on Ovation or OWN? Or will you check out hot women beating the crap out of whole armies?

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