The Washington Post ran a couple of stories in the past 48 hours which turned out to be totally false. Naturally, the rest of the Fake News Media followed suit, even after Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the U.S. Senate hearing yesterday. Even Fox News ignored the clarifications on their ′Crawl′. First came a lie about how President Donald Trump fired James Comey after he requested more money to expand the Russia meddling probe. That Trump fired Comey in order to end the investigation, especially after a federal grand jury began issuing subpoenas for documents from Michael Flynn. During his testimony before the Senate, McCabe cleared that lie up, stating on the record that if the FBI needs more money, they ask the Congress, not the White House! He added that the FBI never asks for more funds for any single investigation, and that the Russia probe will continue regardless of who is director.

james comey fake news

Another lie spread by the fake news reporters at the Washington Post was that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign if the White House did not ′clean up the time line′ concerning the Comey firing. When asked directly by a reporter, Rosenstein denied that he ever made such a threat. Meanwhile, the Fake News Media is making what mileage they can by twisting the words of President Trump during an interview with NBC News host Lester Holt. President Trump said that the decision to fire James Comey was wholly his own. Umm, news flash! That is the President′s job! Sure, others can make recommendations, but ultimately its is the person in ′The Big Chair′ who makes the final call.

The utter hysteria we see everyday from the Fake News Media proves that they are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Any story, no matter how erroneous or how far they have to stretch and twist The Truth, is suddenly some major scandal equal to that of Watergate. The Media would just love to see President Trump resign and run out of the White House. Of course, during the previous eight years while Barack Obama was bending and twisting the Constitution with some real scandals and crimes were totally ignored. Selling guns to Mexican drug cartels? Who cares? Ignoring pleas for more security to protect our ambassador in Libya? Not a problem! Handing over hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to a terrorist state? Oh well!

I haven′t even brought up how over 4 million people have been butchered in the Congo during Obama′s 8 years without so much as a single story in the American Media. Or of all of the graft and corruption stealing millions from Haitians by the Clinton Foundation and their pals with the blessing of the Obama administration. One, small, Haitian newspaper published in Florida covered that story. But the rest of The Media turned a blind eye to the faults of Obama. Even as Aetna and other insurance companies abandon Obamacare exchanges, somehow its all the Republicans fault that Obama′s signature legacy item is a failure.

I am not surprised by any of this, though I am disgusted. The Fake News Media hates President Donald Trump with a passion that goes well beyond derangement. They are absolutely insane! They will say anything to throw dirt at Trump. They trot out stories from the Washington Post or the New York Times as the ′paper of record′, claiming they have umpteen ′anonymous′ sources to their ′facts′. Usually, within 48 hours, those ′facts′ all turn out to be totally wrong! Even Fox News cannot be trusted much of the time. I suppose in a week or two there will be something else to complain about. Lets face it, even many of the hypocrites in the Democratic Party weren′t too happy with James Comey and probably privately cheered President Trump firing him. Maybe even the ′love birds′ Mika and Joe′, at MSNBC are secretly happy to see Comey gone?

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