President Donald J. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday upon the recommendations made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If you watched the ′Fake News′ coverage last night or this morning by The Media, one gets the impression that there is something suspicious with the ″timing″ of this decision. Some headlines use the adverb ″abruptly″ to describe said ″timing″. But, the simple ′Truth′ is that Rosenstein was only confirmed as Deputy A.G. Just two weeks ago, receiving 94 ′Yea′ votes from the U.S. Senate. The well respected Rosenstein, who had been serving as U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, conducted a review of the FBI and of the Justice Department as part of his duties. His recommendation to dismiss Comey for over-reaching his authority is well founded.

trump fires comey

While idiot, partisan politicians and Media types express outrage over the decision by President Trump, claiming this is some ′Nixonian′ move due to the Russian collusion investigation, Comey got what he deserved. He bungled the FBI probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, granting her extraordinary favors which no ′regular′ citizen would have received. Then Comey assumed the authority of Attorney General himself in his July 5 statement on the probe. He claimed later that he did so because A.G. Loretta Lynch had compromised herself after meeting with Bill Clinton in her plane on the tarmac in Phoenix, AZ. Even last week, Comey told Capitol Hill that he would do the same all over again.

James Comey politicized the FBI to a degree we have not seen since the days of J. Edgar Hoover. He basically got too big for his britches. He is a perfect example of we need to #DrainTheSwamp. When non-elected officials exceed their authority, it endangers our Constitution and our entire system of self-government. Comey was literally beginning to act as if he were his own branch of government, with powers equal to that of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. As FBI Director, his job is to carry out the orders of the Attorney General and oversee investigations of criminal acts. When asked last week during hearings before the House and Senate, Comey refused to acknowledge if the FBI was even looking into the leaking of classified material.

There have been many reports in The Media that morale within the FBI has been quite low since Comey became director. Indeed, the ′back-story′ as to why James Comey re-opened the Clinton email probe late last October was due to rumors that the FBI′s New York office was about to revolt and go public about the probe and the connection with Huma Abedin′s husband, Anthony Weiner. Last week when Comey testified in the Congressional hearings, we learned that a large number of emails, including many classified documents, were sent by Huma to the laptop which Weiner had access to.

Even now, we are still finding more of those missing Clinton emails thanks to Judicial Watch. If any candidate for president, or government official, was subject to potential blackmail by the Russians or other foreign powers, it was Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. Whatever Michael Flynn and other former Trump campaign aides had going on is small potatoes in comparison. Comey′s excuse for ending the email probe in July was based on a mistaken understanding of The Law, compounded by his assumption that it could not be prosecuted.

Much of The Media is making hay about how ′Candidate′ Trump praised Comey last year and now President Trump fires him today over the very same actions. Well, why aren′t they asking why Democrats like Sen. Chucky Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi reacting differently now? Last year, they wanted James Comey fired. For Trump, the situation changed. He wasn′t responsible during the campaign for the nation or its government. Now he is! His perspective is different. Some say he should have fired Comey right after being inaugurated. Well, look how long it has taken to get cabinet members and others confirmed. While Jeff Sessions is the head of the Justice Department, it is actually the office of Deputy Attorney General who runs things on a day-to-day basis. Rod Rosenstein was just confirmed about 9 working days ago.

I suspect that Rosenstein made his recommendation not only after reviewing material himself, but he probably has had a meeting with the Inspector General for the Justice Department, who is currently reviewing the actions by both James Comey and Loretta Lynch. It is my hunch that the IG convinced Rosenstein that both Comey and Lynch bungled their jobs. Lynch is already gone, so Comey was had to be removed next. The IG′s report is due shortly, possibly next week. When it is released, I would bet the farm that it will not be very pretty for either Comey or Lynch. I′ll add to that the FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, too. The top echelons of the FBI had become too politicized, too partisan.

There is nothing unusual, nor ′Nixonian′ about President Donald Trump firing James Comey as Director of the FBI yesterday. The ′timing′ was not based on anything to do with the current investigation into possible Russian meddling into the 2016 elections. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only took office two weeks ago and as part of his job he reviewed the actions by the FBI and the Justice Department. Rosenstein determined that Comey exceeded his authority on more than one occasion, making him subject to dismissal. The motivation for Comey being fired was not to cover-up anything, it is meant to restore and rebuild the integrity and independence of the FBI. More importantly, to restore the principle that all citizens are treated equally under The Law. No special privileges or considerations for an elite few.

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