Globalists are breathing a sigh of relief. Yesterday′s French election results ended with Emmanuel Macron winning big over Marine Le Penn. The populist candidate only got about 35% of the total votes cast for an actual candidate. About one-third of all ballots cast were blank, a vote for ′None-of-the-Above′. Macron mostly won big in Paris, grabbing about 90% of the votes. Le Penn did well in outlying areas of France, as well as with younger voters. Which may be odd considering that Macron is the youngest leader of France since Napoleon Bonaparte. The French election was a battle between two ′outsiders′, as this was the first election in modern times where neither of the two largest political parties in France succeeded. Overall voting reflected this with a very low turn out.

French election results

Macron, 39, is said to be a reformer. However, he supports the European Union and favors open immigration and borders. His primary campaign position is to deregulate the French economy. Good luck with that seeing as how much of the regulation is there to comply with the EU. Macron has never held an elected office before, though he was appointed as a finance minister. While some call him a ′Centrist′, even a ′Conservative′ (by French standards), Macron is most definitely leans towards Socialism, even if you want to call it a form of ′Soft-Fascism′.

If Russia was trying to hack the French election in favor of Marine Le Penn, it was too little, too late. Macron′s campaign emails were hacked, but a French law forbidding any campaigning during the last 48 hours kept many people unaware of the emails. The notorious ′Alt-Right′ website, 4-Chan, posted what is claimed to be some bank statements of Macron′s accounts. Again, the effect had little impact due to the 48-hour rule.

While Marine Le Penn lost the election, she did fair well enough to reinvigorate her party, the National Front. In some areas of France, upwards of 70% of young adults voted for her. The long-term effect of this could spell trouble for French politics and the European Union later down the road. Especially if Macron does not fair well in improving the French economy. Or, if terrorism in France continues to escalate.

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