Hillary Clinton is at it again! Fresh off of her defeat, Hillary needs money. Lots of money! So, she is starting a new ′non-profit′ political action group to resist President Donald Trump. Hey, gotta milk all the mileage she can from her sucker list of campaign contributors! After all, now that she no longer has any hope of achieving power, donations to the Clinton Foundation have dropped off significantly. Especially with Barack Obama out on the speaker circuit gobbling up those $400,000 fees from Wall Street bankers. How else do you expect Hillary Clinton to afford private jets and $5,000 bottles of wine for her and Huma Abedin to enjoy? Or replace those shoes Hillary keeps losing from stumbling about?

Hillary Clinton resist

Yes, these are hard days to be a Clinton. They now have serious competition with Barack and Michelle Obama scoring as much as $60 Million dollars for a multi-book deal. They need every penny, too, seeing as how they′ve already spent about $40 Million on the three new homes they bought. While there is plenty of loot from Liberal contributors to loot, the Clinton family is not exactly on the ′A-List′ anymore. Some are even critical of Chelsea Clinton for these silly awards she has been winning of late.

But hold everything! There is now a move in Congress to put some new restrictions of federal pensions for our high-flying, ex-leaders. While Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is behind the legislation to end the pension for ex-presidents, some Democrats are agreeing with the bill in principle. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), has expressed support. Obama′s $400,000 payday from a speech he gave to Cantor-Fitzgerald has irritated many on the Far-Left. Even Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have chimed in. Between speaking fees like that and his book deal, the Obama family really won′t need any taxpayer money to live off of.

Just imagine if this bill includes other federal office holders who leave government ′service′ far richer than they arrived? Hillary Clinton may find herself ′poor′ again. Clipping coupons for new pant suits and vodka. Oh, the calamity of it all! Frankly, I don′t think that her scheme to start an anti-Trump PAC is going to gain her much mullah. She blew through some $2 Billion dollars and still wound up losing to now President Trump. Only an absolute fool would give her any money to ′resist′ him, now.

But then, what are Liberals if not fools? Even with that working in her favor, Hillary Clinton still will not be able to match the sort of money that had been flowing her way prior to the election. Her sucker list of campaign contributors no longer have any real incentive to give her any more money. She won′t be able to do them any favors. Nope, I would say that hard times are a coming for Mizz Clinton. I don′t know yet what she′ll be getting for her next book, but after the last couple bombed, any genuine publisher wouldn′t give her an advance of more than $50,000, if that!

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