Tonight is the night I′ve been waiting for! Normally, I would not be recommending that you watch ″The Real Housewives of New York City″ on Bravo-TV. But tonight′s episode is special. We go back to November 8, 2016 and relive the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America! Yes! Tonight′s episode of RHONY is the one where former ABC News ′journalist′, Carole Radziwill, throws her election night party to support Hillary Clinton. I can hardly wait to see how she and her elitist, foolish friends react as the election results show Trump beating Hillary! It will be marvelous!

real housewives of new york

Add in a ′sinister laugh′. Heh-heh-heh! Should this be lots of fun. The stage is being set for all sorts of mayhem. In last week′s episode, Carole dis-invited Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan because they are Trump supporters. But will that stop them from crashing Carole′s party? I hope not! I hope they show up and gloat as the election results show Hillary Clinton going down in flames.

Carole has already had a couple of heated arguments with Ramona in the first 5 episodes of Season 9 of RHONY over the election. Carole believes that her having been a ′journalist′ for 17 years gives her a superior knowledge and insight into the world of politics. That Ramona simply doesn′t understand as she only reads headlines on social media. Of course, Ramona argues back that she reads whole articles, which is why she thinks Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be locked up! Go, Ramona!!!

Sonja Morgan has been largely left out of many of the gatherings of our happy ladies due to the whole upcoming wedding of LuAnn de Lesseps. Sonja was involved with LuAnn′s husband-to-be for some 10 years before he latched on to LuAnn. Or was it her latching onto to him? Catty-catty, Meow! Whatever the case, it makes for fun TV. But for Carole, Sonja′s larger ′sin′ is that she once worked on a promotional project for one of Donald Trump′s hotel properties. Worse than that, Sonja considers herself a friend of The Donald. Well, Sonja considers herself a friend of many celebrities, royalty, etc. After all, she was once married into the Morgan family. THE Morgans! As in J. P. Morgan. Sonja still owns some of the old family dinnerware and other items.

So pop up some popcorn and pour yourself your favorite beverage of choice. Smoke′em if you got′em. Tonight might be a lot of fun as we relive Election Night 2016 with ″The Real Housewives of New York City″ on Bravo-TV. Will Carole Radziwill pound her fists into a bloody pulp as state-after-state goes for Donald Trump? Will she tear out her hair in disbelief as Hillary Clinton loses? Oh, I hope so! Bwa-hah-hah!

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