Happy Loyalty Day! Yes, while many are celebrating May Day this May 1st, President Donald Trump is celebrating Loyalty Day. Too bad we cannot say the same for Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI). Speaker Ryan is chalking up another sell out for America as a budget deal seems to be near in Congress. The proposed spending bill will continue to provide funding for Planned Parenthood, so they can kill more babies, and fund ′Sanctuary Cities′, so criminals can kill more residents. No money, however, is going for building a wall to secure our borders and only half of the increased funding President Trump has requested for the military. This as we are learning that we are running out of bombs!


I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I would like to think that Paul Ryan is agreeing to this budget deal so Congress can start working on ditching Obamacare and start putting together real tax reforms. While in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this Saturday, President Trump even remarked on the need for Congress to keep up with him. The crowd agreed, calling for Ryan to be fired!

Of course, we haven′t had a decent Speaker of the House since Newt Gingrich. I know some folks would argue that point, including many ′Republicans′, like Dana PeRINO of Foxy News. I can only bellyache so much about the lack luster performance of Establishment GOP types. All I′ll say is that what America needs are about 500 clones of Donald Trump. At least 70 for the Senate, 300 for the House and the rest make federal judges. Then I could die happy knowing that America will survive another century until we are overrun by Snowflakes.

Jim DeMint got the boot from the Heritage Foundation last week. Some reports say that the move is because he was not willing to work with Trump enough, but my sources tell me it is the other way around. That DeMint WANTS to work MORE with the Trump White House. That DeMint even embraced a government shutdown at this time to realize the Trump Agenda. And why not? The Trump administration has essentially embraced a great deal of the advice received from Heritage. From Supreme Court picks to tax policy. We have to go back to Ronald Reagan to find another administration so willing to listen and work with the Conservative ′Intelligentsia′. You would think that they would be happy about that? Apparently, according to my sources, many Heritage Foundation donors are still unhappy about President Trump being elected.

If Paul Ryan′s Congress embraced the Heritage Foundation as much as President Trump has, we might be further along in restoring America to greatness. True, there are still a lot of ′Never Trumpers′ floating around. Take the National Review, for example, or should I say the ′failing′ National Review. They now seem to be promoting Dwayne ′The Rock′ Johnson as a candidate for challenging Trump in the primaries in 2020. The National Review is so ′smart′, they think that the way to beat a celebrity is with another celebrity. Yeah, brilliant idea! That is why they suck so much! They really think that ′The Rock′ compares with ′The Trump′?

Unlike Barack Obama, who did nothing to encourage new blood in the Democratic Party, President Donald Trump is inspiring many to get involved. A new flow a fresh leadership is gearing up for the 2018 elections. My hope is that enough will succeed in displacing the Old Guard of the Republican Establishment. Enough to hopefully give us a Speaker of the House whom we have pride in. We certainly have nothing to be proud of with Paul Ryan. The way I feel right now, Ryan is third in line after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for being charged with high treason against the United States of America!

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