Tomorrow marks the 100th day in office for President Donald J. Trump. Only I, your humble pundit, can draw a connection between this occasion and the classic Kung Fu movie, ″The 36th Chamber of Shaolin″. President Trump is not only getting tangible results accomplished, but he is also altering our national ′State of Mind′. While some lesser pundits will call this ′Trumpism′, I call it for what it actually is, ′Trump Fu′! As a Shaolin monk might say, ″Any fool can hear the bell when it is ringing, but only through Buddha (Enlightenment) can one hear the bell when it is not ringing.″

Donald Trump first 100 days

Okay, so for the benefit of those of you not versed in Kung Fu films, here is a quick synopsis of ″The 36th Chamber of Shaolin″. A young hero is wounded during a battle where an evil warlord conquers his village, killing all of his family and many friends. The hero manages to make his way to a Shaolin temple, where the monks heal him and agree to teach him Kung Fu. The hero asks if he can start by learning the most difficult form, the 35th Chamber, first. The head abbot agrees and opens his palms towards the hero, who is standing some 20 feet or so away, and is knocked another 50 feet on his butt! After that, the hero decides that it might be better to learn the easiest form, the 1st Chamber, first and work his way up. After achieving the 35th Chamber, the hero sets out to use his skills to defeat the warlord and establishes a temple of his own, teaching the 36th Chamber, the Kung Fu of Justice!

President Donald Trump hit the ground running when he arrived in Washington. However, he met with resistance, namely the bureaucrats, Congress and The Media. Still, President Trump has prevailed in doing quite a bit. He got his pick, Neil Gorsuch placed in the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump has also rolled back much of the Barack Obama agenda through executive orders. He has even accomplished much simply by enforcing existing laws ignored by the Obama administration. Regulations which waste some $67 Billion dollars from being used productively in our economy have been eliminated. About 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been created, or committed to be created by companies in just the first 100 days. It took Obama all 8 years to create that many manufacturing jobs, if he created any at all.

The ′Big Ticket′ items, like repealing and replacing Obamacare, building ′The Wall′, and overhauling our tax system, are in the works. Thanks to President Trump, America is poised to becoming a major energy exporter as it becomes nearly independent from foreign energy sources. He has approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, as well as establishing that all new pipelines must be made of American steel. Even while the 9th District Circuit Court is blocking parts of his efforts to secure the borders, illegal crossings have dropped significantly. The work to clean up agencies like Veterans Affair has begun.

On the international front, President Trump has reestablished American sovereignty and influence. China has ended its currency manipulation and appears to be ready to work with Trump. This does not surprise me at all since China knows him very well. Their largest bank is one of his tenants. Important allies like the UK, Egypt and Israel are happy with the Trump administration. Russia apparently does not have him on a puppet string after Trump ordered a cruise missile attack on Syria. He′s dealing the Islamic State, ISIS, some hard blows, giving our military a free hand to wipe them out. North Korea and Iran are scared and are trying to flex their muscles to no effect. Trump pulled us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and NAFTA looks like it may be modified in the near future.

All in all, President Donald Trump has done a pretty good job these first 100 days. The economy is looking better, our national attitude is more optimistic, the future looks brighter. Sure, things can change and a rough storm can pop up out from nowhere. But ′Trump Fu′ is for the nimble and agile. I have every confidence that President Trump will leave America in a better place than he found it. Power will gradually be restored to the citizens of America as Washington′s grip is lessened. ′Trump Fu′ is Justice, just as is ″The 36th Chamber of Shaolin″. America is being made safer and greater again. We are starting to work again. We are showing our strength again. We are America once again! We can hear the Bell of Liberty even when it is not ringing!

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