Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has decided to pass on speaking at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. After much hoopla and angst, mostly coming from the wimps of UC administration, Coulter has reversed her plans to speak there. She was originally invited to give a speech by two groups at Berkeley. But fears of potentially violent protesters caused the school to cancel the event. Ann Coulter then announced that she would go anyway and speak using a megaphone if need be. This did not help matters and eventually, even one of the groups, the Young American Foundation, or YAF, pulled back. Then, the second group, Berkeley College Republicans, also backed out. Coulter then decided not to bother going at this time. UC Berkeley was the ′birthplace′ for the so-called, ′Free Speech Movement′ in the 1960s. That ′honor′ appears lost to history.


In February, violence broke out as protesters prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at Berkeley. The situation became so bad that Milo had to be escorted out of the building by campus police. He plans to return there in the near future to give it another go.

The administration of UC Berkeley completely wimped out caving in to the hooligans. While there was talk of having additional police at the site where Ann Coulter was to speak, it is doubtful if that would make any difference. Both campus officials and those of the city have a general, ′hands-off′ policy when it comes to dealing with protesters. Even when they become violent.

The school cites that while they support the First Amendment and free speech, they must also factor in ′student safety′. Apparently, this also includes protecting the darling little Snowflakes from what some call ′hate speech′. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean tweeted on Twitter that the First Amendment does not protect ′gate speech′. Seems that Dean′s recollection of the U.S. Supreme Court case over the old Skokie, Illinois ruckus when the National Socialist Party of America wanted to hold an event there back in 1977. The community officials denied a permit claiming that just by showing a swastika, that would constitute ′fighting words′, which are not protected by the First Amendment. The Illinois Supreme Court ruled otherwise, that the swastika was ′free speech′ and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that decision.

Berkeley is not the only college campus where free speech has died. We see plenty of examples across America. ′Social Justice Warriors′ have been becoming more violent and brazen in their attacks on the First Amendment. We even saw this past weekend on ′Earth Day′ how the Progressive-Liberal mindset is attacking ′Science′ for being too skeptical. Any discussion contrary to the Progressive viewpoint on Global Warming must be silenced. Forget that science is based on skepticism!

Comedian Bill Maher defended Ann Coulter, calling this practice of shutting down free speech on college campuses ″the Liberal version of book burning″. Maher went on to call Berkeley a ″cradle for f*****g babies″. Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren issued a statement that Coulter should be allowed to speak at Berkeley. I guess, unlike Howard Dean, maybe Warren read the Constitution once in her life. MSNBC host Chris Matthews also is siding with allowing Coulter to speak. Perhaps Matthews and the others have taken note that some of the graffiti left after recent protests at Berkeley warns that Liberals will be targets, too!

What we are seeing is a new breed of extremely radical protesters, organized and funded by the usual gang of Far-Left suspects. On Tuesday, the headquarters of the Heritage Foundation was assaulted by bus loads of paid protesters, allegedly angry over the Trump tax reform plan amongst other items. America is not alone in this nonsense. In Hungary, the government decided to crack down on the protesters by tossing out the George Soros funded groups. Looks like they had enough of his treason and meddling in elections. If President Donald Trump wants to ′Drain The Swamp′, he might want to have Jeff Sessions do likewise, here.

I am sad to see Ann Coulter being forced to knuckle under the pressure, but her safety is at risk. So, too, are the few Republicans and Conservatives at the University of California Berkeley campus. Free speech is protected by the First Amendment of the US Consitution. But, as we know, freedom isn′t free. History is loaded with tyranny and tyrants, willing to shed blood and cause harm on anyone favoring Liberty. Unfortunately, state and local officials have no plans to protect law abiding citizens. They seem to favor allowing freaks and criminals to run amok, because they think these folks vote for them. They probably do!

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