The Democratic National Committee has rolled out its ″Come Together, Fight Back″ campaign. Part of this includes sending the new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Keith Ellison out to states like Texas and Nebraska to whip up support in a ′Unity Tour′. The Democratic Party has suffered major losses over the past 8 years. Over a thousand elected offices on the national, state and local levels have flipped to the Republican Party candidates. Democrats have not been at such a low in political power since the 1920s. While much attention has been given to blaming Russians and the Koch Brothers, some are beginning to wake up and have begun blaming Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for damaging the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Obama returned to the public stage, vowing to train the next generation of Democratic candidates.


Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), came right out and said it during a recent speech this week in Omaha along with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He was recently elected to serve as DNC Deputy Chair. Ellison rests blame on Barack Obama for the loss in so many elections for Democratic Party candidates. Obama did little to build up a bench of young, fresh talent. As we saw during the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton and her allies within the DNC did all they could to squash any competition against her. The symptoms may be even deeper, as Bernie Sanders went on Sunday TV talk shows and claimed that the Democratic Party needs a complete overhaul.

Of course, the real reason why the Democrats are having such a rough time these days is their platform. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton today by a margin of 3%. That 67% of voters think the Democratic Party is out of touch while 53% say the same for Republicans. Both major parties have failed to evolve with the American voters. Most Independents are economically Conservative and socially Liberal. But, even these tags are subtle ones. Voters do not want the entire system to be shut down because of some nuance in spending or tax policy. Nor do they want any part of some extremist, radical, Far-Left social issue. Voters basically want a government that functions smoothly, that is neither too hot nor too cold. Its the Goldilocks Theory! They want a nice, lukewarm blending of each that works well and leaves them alone to get on with their daily lives.

Many Democrats and Republicans have misread the growing trend towards Populism since 2008. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were able to tap into this trend. The fundamental transformation promised by Obama failed to catch on. It was either too radical or too complicated to work. Obamacare is a prime example of this. The Affordable Care Act was a massive bill of some 2,700 pages which led to tens of thousands of additional pages of regulations written by bureaucrats. President Trump and the GOP are dealing with the hard realities that it is difficult to salvage the few kernels of legislation which many voters want to keep from the bulk of the byzantine complexity which needs to be eliminated.

Hillary Clinton showed that despite having tons of money and supporters, she represented the worst of the political establishment. Corrupt, dishonest, money-grubbing, she carried the banner for The Elites and those who dream of being elitist. She probably could have won had she been up against any of the other GOP candidates, as they are not much different from her as far as being career politicians, gaming The System for their own ends.

But, there is a fundamental difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The GOP encourages, to a degree, competition. This may be because most are generally Capitalists to one degree or another. However, in the Democratic Party, the preferred flavor of ice cream is Socialism. While Republicans limit themselves to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, Democrats want some odd mixture of kale, pumpkin latte, mocha with butter-whipped argon oil. The GOP has three major groups of constituents, focused on economics, national defense and social issues. The Democrats are split up by gender, race, age, and a myriad of issues. A Democratic Party candidate has to be a political contortionist to appeal to each group and subgroup. The end result is usually they appeal to nobody.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were political vampires, sucking out as much money and resources for themselves, leaving little, if anything, for ′down-ticket′ candidates. Between their personal greed and needs, and a flawed agenda and policy portfolio, Obama and Hillary have left the Democratic Party in shambles. It is very hard to see them gaining any ground in the 2018 mid-terms. They may pick up a Congressional seat or two, but they will most likely lose seats in the Senate, adding to their woes. If they are hoping for President Trump to fall on his face, think again! Trump does not owe any particular allegiance to some core constituency of the GOP. He is astute and nimble enough to shift gears and direction when needed to keep moving the ball forward.

While some Democrats are beginning to wake up and realize that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left the Democratic Party in a mess, I am not counting on them adjusting their strategy or agenda enough to stage a comeback. If anything, by doubling down on an extremist, Socialistic viewpoint, the DNC and the Democratic Party in general will continue to lose ground in the foreseeable future. They are pinning their hopes on the steadily changing demographics to compensate for their failed agenda and ideology. This is a mistake! In 2006, the DNC leaned more Centrist and won back the House and Senate, and set the stage for winning the White House in 2008. Keep in mind that even Obama avoided hot-button issues like Gay Rights when he ran in 2008. Hillary Clinton campaigned in 2008 for stronger border security! With Tom Perez running the DNC, and guys like Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison pitching agendas, the Democratic Party is probably going to move even further Left than they are now. The result is that they will continue to lose elections.

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