Here we go again! Another Fox News host, Sean Hannity, is being accused of sexual harassment. Debbie Schlussel, a Conservative commentator, attorney, blogger and frequent guest on the Fox News Channel, claims that Sean Hannity invited her to his hotel room during a book signing tour in Detroit. Schlussel made this accusation during a radio interview on the Pat Campbell Show of Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday. She claims that after the invite, which she turned down, she was no longer requested as a guest on his TV or radio shows. Sean Hannity denies the accusations calling them ″100% false″. With Bill O′Reilly parting ways officially last week, one has to wonder what is next for the Fox News Channel?

sean hannity debbie schlussel

Now, whether the allegations about O′Reilly were true or not, one thing that is certain is that the campaign against Fox News was highly organized. There was deliberate pressure by a Far-Left group, Sleeping Giants, to bombard social media with calls to contact FNC advertisers to end sponsoring ″The O′Reilly Factor″. Sleeping Giants started just after the 2016 elections in response to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Their first target was the news website, Breitbart News. Another group, Color of Change, led by activist Rashad Robison, also targeted ′Factor′ advertisers. Bill O′Reilly claims that the allegations of sexual harassment against him are not true. FNC and he parted ways this past week after 20 years of building the cable news network to being the most watched.

Once again, just as I have said I am not a fan of Bill O′Reilly, neither am I a fan of Sean Hannity. Yes, like any stopped clock, he′s correct twice a day. Compared with the rest of the liars in the ′news′ industry, Hannity is certainly better than most. Seriously, last week we saw MSNBC hostess, Rachel Maddow, claim on air that the massive demonstrations in Caracas, Venezuela were against President Donald Trump, not Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. That is just utterly insane and completely irresponsible! On top of that, Maddow′s claim is a flat, outright LIE!!!

Today marks the new, prime-time-line-up on the Fox News Channel as Tucker Carlson takes over the 8pm, weekday time slot, followed by ″The Five″ at 9pm, Eastern. Eric Bolling, my favorite, is being replaced on ″The Five″ by Jesse Watters as Bolling begins his own, new show next Monday, May 1, at the 5pm hour. Sean Hannity will still be on at his usual 10pm time-slot, at least until we see how this latest scandal unfolds. Given the state of things over at FNC, I would not be surprised to see him suddenly take a ′vacation′. I don′t know what Hannity will have to say about all of this tonight, nor will I as I will be watching ″Better Call Saul″ instead.

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