Sunday′s French election results are in, showing Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Penn advancing to a run-off vote on May 7. Macron received about 24% of the vote on Sunday, followed by Le Penn with 21%. The two next contenders to be the next president of France, Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Melenchon, received 20% and 19% respectively. Macron is a ′Conservative′, who vows to stay within the European Union, like a good Globalist. Le Penn is a Socialist, though many call her a ′Populist′ due to her anti-immigration policy. Neither belong to the two largest political parties in France, which have dominated elections for some 59 years.

french election results

Emmanuel Macron is a novice politician. Fairly young at 39 years old, Macron has been an investment banker. His campaign had no formal political party supporting him at first, but developed a large, grassroots following. Polling data show him to be the front-runner in the May 7 election. Marine Le Penn has been around politics all of her life. Her father ran the National Front Party, which has a long history of anti-Semitism. When Marine took over, her first mission was to tone down the more violent and uglier aspects of the party. However, many people still associate them as being very racist, especially given their anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant positions.

Ah, the French! Politics in France is something of a chaotic wonder. Currently, they have what is known as the Fifth Republic. The first 4 tries at a republic failed miserably. France went from a monarchy to a republic, back to a monarchy/dictatorship, then back to a ′regular′ monarchy, followed by a republic, then another monarchy, then a couple more tries at a republic. All of this just since America has been around.

The three largest issues facing France currently are its economy, which sucks and carries a huge debt, its involvement with the EU, and a large Muslim population which is not assimilating very well. Even before the recent wave of terrorist attacks in France, there were several summers of riots and unrest in urban areas with mostly Muslim residents. Of course, France often also has plenty of ′student riots′, which is practically a national sport. The French have always been a sort of 50-50 nation, teetering between total anarchy and total Fascism.

At least one thing can be said is that French politics is quick. With just two weeks between yesterday′s election and the run-off on May 7, we won′t have to wait long to find out who will be the next President of France. Will it be Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Penn? The betting line is on Macron as the favorite. But, if you look into how the vote went yesterday, the election results in France may be interpreted as favoring Le Penn. She did very well outside of Paris. Much like the Brexit vote did better outside of London and Trump doing better outside of the bi-coastal urban zones. If there is another terrorist attack in the next two weeks, that could put Le Penn on top, handing her the win.

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