No, the ′Mother of all Protests′ in Caracas, Venezuela was not about President Donald Trump. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets yesterday against their own president, Nicolas Maduro. The former bus driver has been trying to make himself a supreme dictator. After 18 years of Socialism, started by Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has gone from one of the wealthiest countries in South America to a basket-case. Runaway inflation, political oppression and scarcity of basic commodities like milk and toilet paper have plagued the nation. In recent weeks, Maduro, picked by the deceased Chavez to be his successor, has tried to do away with the country′s legislature, the National Assembly. Especially after the opposition party against Maduro won a majority of seats. Maduro had the nation′s supreme court outlaw it, but the court reversed its decision.

Caracas protests Venezuela

Three people were killed in violent clashes between protestors and government forces. Two protesters were killed and one National Guardsman was also killed on Wednesday. Maduro is now calling on his party′s militia to be armed and mobilized to prevent himself from being overthrown. Several South American countries are calling on Maduro to respect human rights and allow for free speech and democracy. But Maduro appears to be hell-bent on cracking down on the protesters.

For idiot protesters in the United States who claim to be anti-Fascist as they protest against President Trump, they ought to take a look at Venezuela to see what real Fascism is like. Liberal Democrats can also learn a lesson as to what happens when a nation embraces Socialism. For 18 years, Venezuela has been on a down-ward course towards suffering and dictatorship. Under Chavez, the government took over every major industry, including agriculture and shut down all opposition media.

The result of these acts of Socialism has been shortages of basic goods and services, a state-controlled media and increased poverty. On top of all of those items is a growing health care crisis as medicine and even clean water is becoming scarce. Violent crime is running ram In short, Venezuela is a mess. We would be in the same boat had Hillary Clinton won the election here last year. After 8 years of Barack Obama ruining our country, making us more Socialistic, America would not be far behind Venezuela.

Mind you, Venezuela is rich in resources. They have massive reserves of oil and other minerals. The land is great for agriculture. There should be no shortages of food. But, the government took over every aspect of life in Venezuela and made a huge mess of it. Now, its millions of citizens have had enough and want Maduro and the Socialists out. Things are so bad that even the black markets for food and gasoline are not enough. The situation is getting worse by the day.

On Wednesday, three people were killed as many thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas, Venezuela to protest against President Nicholas Madura and his Socialist Party. Maduro is calling for a militia force of 400,000 to be armed to assist police and army units to stay in power. Not only are government forces using rubber bullets, and now buckshot, to attack crowds of protesters, but also CS tear gas and another gas based on adamsite, which causes serious respiratory distress and nausea. Dissenters are locked up while Maduro continues to expand his power and control over Venezuela. The country is descending into utter chaos and the outcome will not be pretty.

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