Is Bill O′Reilly doomed to get the boot from Fox News? It is starting to look like he and his show, ″The O′Reilly Factor″, may be history. Reports from several news sources are all predicting that his days are numbered as his fate is to be determined within the next few days. Big Bill departed last week on a ′vacation′ and has not been heard from or seen. Meanwhile, executives at the Fox News Channel, News Corp, and 21st Century Fox are wading through their options. O′Reilly has been accused, once again, of sexual harassment. These allegations are piling up, giving very little wiggle room for the cable news icon.

Bill O'Reilly

Yes, I know! There are other stories to comment about. The special election in Georgia′s 6th District, the Fresno shooting, the Facebook Killer, or United Airlines, to name a few. But sex scandals sell and are often amusing. Plus, I have to admit that I am no fan of Bill. Sure, I watch his show when there is nothing better on. Or when he has a guest worth seeing. But, beyond that, he is a conceited blowhard. Bill O′Reilly is almost a real-life version of the cartoon character, Commander McBragg from the old ″Tennessee Tuxedo″ show.

Maybe he does brag about how he swam the English Channel or stopped a rebellion in India, but O′Reilly is the biggest stuffed-shirt on television these days. So watching him be deflated by his own alleged mischief is plenty of fun. I suppose it is not Christian to chuckle at the misfortune of others, but while O′Reilly may be one of God′s creatures, he is still a joke!

Bill O′Reilly dominated the prime-time, cable news genre for many years, making FNC a big pile of cash. Yes, he was the best of his era. Far more honest and even-handed than his competition. However, this is only because his competitors were so atrocious! ′Fake News′ did not just begin during the 2016 presidential elections. Its been going one for a very long time in the world of ′journalism′. Think about when newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst was cranking out headlines in 1898 like, ″Spanish Galleons Off The Coast Of New Jersey!″. Spanish galleons? Really? Big, slow sailing ships sporting 100-plus guns in 1898, crews armed with cutlasses? I suppose Hearst didn′t know that when the Monitor and the Virginia/Merrimack fought their duel in 1862, the age of armed, sailing ships was over.

No, Bill O′Reilly was only as ′good′ as he was because the rest of the ′news commentators′ were a bunch of liars and morons. That is about the only honest accolade I can muster for him. Politically he was a ′Traditionalist′, not a ′Conservative′ nor even a Libertarian. As for holding the feet of politicians to the fire, that is not hard to do either, given that the rest of the bunch on TV throw air-balls. O′Reilly built up a mystique of how he was some sort of ′hard-hitting journalist′. In reality, it was just smoke and mirrors. Again, not hard to reach his level given how the rest of his peers behaved.

Make no mistake about this, either, if these allegations of sexual harassment are true, Bill O′Reilly is not alone. Here, again, the rest of his competitors are all a bunch of immoral degenerates, sex perverts and drug users. In addition to them being idiots and liars! Polling data confirms that about the only profession held in less regard than a politician is a journalist these days. They have even displaced used car salesmen! So, I am not going to shed any tears over Bill O′Reilly being fired by the Fox News Channel. I still suspect that he′ll retire or something and that the allegations of sexual harassment probably will not finish his public career. He can still write books and produce documentaries or whatever. The way things are these days after Bill Clinton, sexual harassment no longer has the punch it used to. So adios, Bill! Good luck on your next phase of your life.

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