The government in Pyongyang has yet to officially confirm that the latest missile test by North Korea failed, but indications are that a Polaris-like submarine missile exploded just seconds after launch. President Kim Jung Un is continuing to ratchet up a provocative tone while United States Vice President Mike Pence is in South Korea as part of a ten day tour of Asia. The North Korean submarine missile was displayed as part of Saturday′s ′Day of the Sun′ celebration parade in Pyongyang. However, a rumored underground test of a North Korean nuclear bomb did not take place. China may have been involved in convincing their neighbor in not going forward with the nuke test after discussions with the President Trump administration this past week.


Vice President Pence and his wife landed in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, with him mentioning how this visit has a personal connection as his father had fought in Korea during the 1950s. Yesterday, VP Pence visited a military outpost along the DMZ between North and South Korea. His next stop will be Japan, another important ally which is also very concerned about the situation in North Korea. During one speech, Pence assured all that the United States is committed to aiding in the defense of our allies in the region, including the deployment of the ′THAD′ missile defense system. An aircraft carrier battle group has also been sent to the Sea of Japan, which separates Japan from the Korean Peninsula.

While some experts believe that American hackers may have had a role in the North Korean missile launch failure, it should be noted that nearly 88% of all North Korean ballistic missile tests have failed. This is what happens when you don′t have any German rocket scientists involved in your missile program. The missile tested on Saturday bears a great resemblance to our old Polaris submarine launched ballistic missile, developed back in the late 1950s and deployed in the early 1960s. As for their nuclear weapon program, North Korea is still developing fission type bombs, like those used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by us in World War 2. They are nowhere near capable yet of making a thermonuclear, fusion type bomb.

Still, the potential threat that North Korea may be able to deploy a nuclear-tipped missile, capable of reaching cities like Seattle or San Francisco soon are real. They certainly have the capability to launch nukes at South Korea and Japan right now. There is also plenty of evidence which points toward North Korea helping Iran in their nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs. So it is easy to understand why North Korea is a major threat to world peace. Even with just their conventional forces, another war against South Korea would be viscous with hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Vice President Mike Pence said that the time for patience and tolerance with North Korea is over. He sent this message to Pyongyang after another missile test by North Korea ended in failure. Tensions in the region of the western Pacific are high as Kim Jung Un ramps up his rhetoric. South Korea and Japan are getting nervous by all of the war talk. President Donald Trump appears to have made a good impression with China as they are trying to get the North Koreans to behave. The world is watching as events unfold.

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