I have to say that I am becoming rather annoyed by all of the talk about how President Donald Trump is betraying his base and the American people. This comes from many pundits complaining about the missile attack on Syria, the dropping of the MOAB on ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan and our new, cozy relationship with China. Some are even complaining about a recent tweet on Twitter by President Trump saying that, ″Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. And Russia.″, and that in the end, ″…there will be lasting peace!″. I can understand why those in the ′Alt-Right′ are having a fit because they are too absorbed in their anti-Semitism. Those fools actually think that killing 100 ISIS terrorists with a GBU-43 MOAB is bad because it somehow helps Israel. Maybe it does, but who cares if it kills terrorists!


No, President Donald Trump has not suddenly turned into a ′Globalist′. He has not abandoned his America First policy stance. Just because he is eating chocolate cake with President Xi Jinping of China and not bringing up currency devaluation doesn′t mean that President Trump has ditched the idea of Nationalist Economics. The simple truth is that since Trump was elected, China has been behaving itself! They have not been devaluing their currency. Gee, I wonder why? China has even been taking a hard line against their neighbor, North Korea, ending coal purchases, a major source of income for the PRNK. Since the beginning of February, China has bought some 370,000 tons of American coal! Hows that for President Trump saving our domestic coal industry, which Obama was trying to destroy!

America First does not mean that we suddenly abandon the rest of the world. The ′Trump Doctrine′ is simply to do what makes sense for keeping us safe. It is an expanded version of the old police concept of the ′Broken Window′ theory. When thugs know that they can commit vandalism by breaking windows of homes and businesses, they soon start committing worse crimes. Pretty soon, you have streets full of robbery, rape and murder. Residents and businesses flee for safer places and the afflicted community looses its tax base. Fewer police and firemen are employed, so there is more arson, more violent crime, causing more people to flee. Allowing broken windows to go unchecked leads to a downward spiral, the result of which is turning a community into a place like Detroit. Once the second or third richest city in America with 2 million people, now a crime scene of empty lots and rotting structures with a declining population below 800,000.

Barack Obama was far more of a true isolationist than President Trump. Obama turned his back on civilization and allowed the hooligans of the world to run amok. He even paid them, giving money and resources to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syrian rebels who became ISIS and to Iran after they took US Navy personnel hostage. Africa is a prime example of Obama′s foreign policy failure. Darfur was never addressed, even though one of Obama′s biggest supporters, George Clooney, spoke out about it. Now, South Sudan is being described as a scene of genocide as a tribal bloodbath rages. The Republic of the Congo is another example where Obama did nothing about the ongoing slaughter over tin oxide mines which has claimed over 4 million dead in the past 8 years and countless women and children being raped.

President Trump′s use of military power has been very focused so far, taking out enemies of civilization. A clear message is being sent that there is some behavior which will not be tolerated. China does not want a trade war with us because they know that they would lose. Any disruption in their economy would be disastrous. If ′Chocolate Cake′ diplomacy works, as it appears to be doing, then President Trump has his first big foreign policy success under his belt. China is now our buddy, which is probably driving Russia crazy. When Trump meets with Putin at the G20 Summit this summer, I have no doubt that by then, an understanding will have been reached and Russia will respect Trump far more than they did Obama.

This is all good for Nationalist Economics. America First benefits when the world is more peaceful. The idea is not for America to play world policeman again, but more as World Police Chief, with Russia, China, Europe, etc, being the ′beat cops′ out on the streets. Everybody keeps their own neighborhoods quiet and we all get along and prosper together. That is how the world should work. ′Pax Trump′ is good for America and good for everybody else, too! If you have a choice between eating a Tomahawk cruise missile or chocolate cake, it makes more sense to go for the cake! That is the reality of life in Trump World.

Trump′s campaign slogan of ″Make America Great Again″ is the best since the 1920 slogan for Warren Harding, ″A Return To Normalcy″. Oh yeah, America was very abnormal back then! I already knew this even before watching the 3-part, 6-hour episodes of ″The America Experience″ on PBS this week. ″The Great War″ took us back to World War One and Woodrow Wilson. Wilson, the first ′Progressive′ Democrat, ′fundamentally transformed′ America into a police-state. Aside from turning our currency over to Wall Street through the Federal Reserve Bank and enslaving us all with the income tax, Wilson went really nuts on destroying liberty during WWI. The creation of the Committee for Public Information, headed by George Creel, was ″1984″ in 1917, without the need for two-way ′screens′.

Wilson used the war to clamp down on all dissent against the government. Things got so bad that citizens were encouraged to report on any dissent of the neighbors and family. Articles appeared often in newspapers explaining how to make a citizen′s arrest of a ′Slacker′ who wasn′t buying enough war bonds or war stamps, or saying things against the war effort. Thousands were arrested who said anything bad about Wilson or the government. The Espionage Act was written specifically to aid in this cracking down of dissenters.

Just as Obama went too far and paid for his overreach with Republicans winning back the House of Representatives in 2010, Wilson lost both the House and the Senate in 1918. By 1920, the term ′Progressive′ became so ugly and hated that even the Democrats were forced to drop its use and replaced it with ′Liberal′. Harding won in a landslide with his running mate, Calvin Coolidge, with only The South voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Governor James Cox of Ohio, whose VP running mate was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The American people had had enough of the phony, intellectual Elitism of Wilson and his fellow Progressives.

President Donald Trump has not rejected his America First policies because he eat chocolate cake with Pres. Xi Jinping, nor because he launched cruise missiles into Syria nor dropped a MOAB on ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan. Neither has President Trump suddenly become a Globalist because he hopes for a ″lasting peace″ in the world, along with Russia. Peace is a good thing! Peace equals Trade! Trade equals Prosperity! If you gotta launch a few cruise missiles or drop a few bombs to get Peace, then so be it. That is the way the world works. Barack Obama left the world in a mess. A bloody, violent, dangerous mess. Obama allowed the vandals to break windows, and then turned his back when the thugs began robbing, raping and murdering people. President Donald Trump knows better. He wants safe streets and a safe planet. He wants more chocolate cake and fewer beheadings. Why anyone would think that this approach is bad or is a sellout is beyond all reason! President Trump has been a Nationalist all of his life. He is not going to change now at his age, despite whatever efforts his daughter and son-in-law may employ.

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