Mission NOT Accomplished! The Barack Obama administration bragged about how they diplomatically forced Syria to hand over all of their chemical weapons for destruction. Even as late as January 16, 2017, then National Security Adviser Susan Rice publicly stated that Bashar al-Assad no longer had any chemical weapons. But, Susan Rice lied, just as she did about the 2012 Benghazi attack, blaming it on some silly video very few people had seen. Proof of this latest lie came after the Assad regime used a chemical weapon on its own civilians last week. However, it turns out that the Obama administration knew long before, at least since April of 2016, that Syria still had chemical weapons.

Syria chemical weapons

A report from the State Department from April, 2016, states that the United States could not certify that Syria was in compliance with Article I of the Chemical Weapons Convention, CWC, nor with United Nations Security Council Resolution, UNSCR, 2118. That came about after a deal was negotiated between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary o State John Kerry on September 14, 2013. Under its terms, Syria had until October, 2013 to declare all of its chemical weapons. They did submit paperwork in compliance, including some 10 later amendments. Due to the many ″gas and omissions″ in Syria′s declaration, a Declaration Assessment Team, DAT, was established in April, 2014, to verify Syria′s claims. The DAT continued its work for more than a year and by October, 2015, determined that there were still many questions about the accuracy of Syria′s compliance.

In March of 2015, UNSCR 2209 was passed by the UN Security Council to continue investigations and negotiations on the removal of all of Syria′s chemical weapons. A ′Fact Find Mission′, FFM, was launched to accomplish this. By December, 2015, the FFM determined that it could not ″conclude definitively″ that Syria was being honest about its efforts to comply with the CWC and UNSCR 2118 and 2209. Nor with UNSCR 2235 from August, 2015, which created a Joint Investigative Mechanism, JIM, that probed into the use of chemical weapons by Syria.

The State Department report on Syria and its lack of compliance on chemicals weapons matters concluded that as of March, 2016, there were still unanswered discrepancies, gaps and omissions from the Syrian government. That it may be possible that Syria had not turned over all of it chemical weapons, nor declared all that they had in their inventory. But, the Barack Obama administration still claimed that it was successful in their efforts to remove those weapons from Syria. Even as recently as January 16, 2017, when Susan Rice said as much, declaring it as ″mission accomplished″. Once again, we see how the Obama administration lies about its many failures.

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