CNN anchor-babe Brooke Baldwin got more than she bargained for when she interviewed Kassem Eid yesterday. Kassem is a Syrian refugee and a survivor of a chemical weapon attack in 2013. Baldiwn was attempting to steer him into criticizing President Donald Trump over his travel ban. However, even in the world of ′Fake News′, sometimes ′The Truth′ leaks out! Instead, Kassem praised President Trump for the US missile strike on Syria, and thanked Trump. He then ripped into the travel ban protesters, bashing them for not holding any street demonstrations over the Sarin gas attack this past Tuesday. Kassem Eid told Brooke Baldwin that he agrees with President Trump in that he does not want to come to America but would rather stay in Syria in a safe zone. How about that for a dose of reality?

Syrian refugee thanks Trump

I had to laugh over this one! Once again, we have proof that Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. The Media would like nothing better than to turn a positive story about President Trump into a negative one. Trump′s quick response of spanking Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons against his own people was a huge change from the spineless days of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama took some 7 months to decide to let Russia handle things. Talk about collusion!

But, sometimes even CNN cannot hide reality. I am sure that Kassem Eid is typical of the majority of Syrians displaced and abused in the civil war which started thanks to the ′Arab Spring′ initiated by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Eid wants to go home, not be forced to leave and travel thousands of miles away. He′ll accept a temporary residence near his home if a safe area can be developed and protected. What Kassem Eid really wants is to return to his own town or city and live a quiet, safe life.

Kassem also showed the world of CNN that the real hypocrites are the bozo Liberals, funded by ′Progressive′ billionaires, to hold fake protest rallies over the false narrative that President Trump is ′anti-refugee′. Obviously, Trump is not against refugees but would rather end their plight as refugees. Trump does not believe that dragging them thousands of miles away from their homes and families is a solution. The refugees, like Kassem Eid, agree with President Donald Trump. They want to stay in their homeland. The only place they want to go is back home.

Liberals are mentally challenged because, due to their arrogance and Elitism, they think they know what is best for everyone. That ′The-Little-People′ are too stupid to think for themselves. That they are incapable of running their own lives without the guidance of somebody with a sheepskin from Harvard or Yale. You can just see the annoyance on Brooke Baldiwn′s face in the video below as Kassem Eid praised President Donald Trump and refutes the entire refugee-mentality that the Liberals push in their media narratives. CNN got rolled by Mr. Eid as he spoke ′The Truth′, something CNN and MSNBC viewers rarely see or hear.

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