Former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, is alleged to be the principle suspect in who unmasked Donald Trump transition team members from intelligence documents. Eli Lake of Bloomberg View, part of Bloomberg News, has written that his sources say that Susan Rice was the Obama administration official to order the hidden names of American citizens be revealed in intelligence reports. Normally, when an American citizen is ′caught up′ by way of ′incidental collection′ from eavesdropping on foreign nationals, the names are masked or minimized. Unless there is some urgent need to know who the American is because of possible criminal involvement, such as terrorism or espionage. But, sources seem to indicate that the intelligence reports containing these unmasked Trump Team names have no ′intelligence value′ and certainly no criminal reason to reveal whom they are.


Eli Lake is not the only reporter pointing a finger towards Susan Rice. Several others are, including Adam Housley of Fox News, who broke the story last Friday that a ″well known″ intelligence official in the Obama administration was involved. According to Housley, this activity of unmasking names from ′incidental electronic surveillance′ has been going on for nearly a year before Trump took office.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, has stated in the past that he had been contacted by a whistle-blower about this activity back in January of this year. According to Lake′s article in Bloomberg View, Trump′s National Security Council official, Erza Cohen-Watnick, had come across logs of requests made by Susan Rice to unmasked the names of members of Trump′s team. He notified the White House General Council, the top lawyer for the White House, about these logs. The night before Rep Nunes went public about these ′incidental surveillance′ reports, Nunes was shown the logs at the secure computer site for the NSC.

After the names were unmasked, allegedly under the orders of Susan Rice, the documents were then circulated among several top intelligence officials, including James Clapper, John Brennan and Ben Rhodes. You may recall that it was Ben Rhodes who came up with the false, cover story about how the Benghazi consulate attack on September 11, 2012 was caused by some dopey You-Tube video, a lie which Susan Rice repeated on five TV shows the following Sunday. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also told this lie about the video. Four American were killed during that attack and nearly two dozen others were wounded in the fighting.

Rep. Nunes has stated that the ′incidental surveillance′ which had mentioned the names of members of the Trump Team had nothing to do with Russia or its attempts to alter our elections. He also added that they had no real ″intelligence value″. This raises the allegation that the unmasking and eventual leaking of these names and circumstances were politically motivated. Back on March 22, 2017, Susan Rice appeared on ″PBS News Hour″ and in an interview, denied any knowledge of what Rep. Nunes was talking about. She said she had no knowledge of any Trump Team members being ″swept up″ by way of incidental surveillance.

Aside from these allegations possibly showing how the Barack Obama administration had politicized our national intelligence agencies, using them to spy on political opponents, the larger issue of civil liberties and individual privacy is in play. This follows a pattern of the abuse of power exercised by the Obama administration. From covering up the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels, the IRS attacking Obama political opponents, the Benghazi attack, surveillance of reporters, members of Congress, Jewish groups and interfering with elections in dozens of countries. Just the sort of stuff Obama and his old supporters are now accusing Vladimir Putin of doing. Makes you wonder who are our real enemies? The Russians or our own government while Obama was in charge?

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