Last night on AMC-TV, we had ″The Walking Dead″ Season 7 finale. After last week′s episode, it seemed clear that Sasha Williams, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, was going to do something. She had been captured by The Saviors when she entered their Sanctuary on a suicide mission to kill Negan. Pleading with Eugene for some type of means to stop Negan from using her against her friends at Alexandria, Eugene slipped Sasha one of his home-made, cyanide pills. The stage was set for the Big Finale. Do I really need to issue a ′Spoiler Alert′? If you haven′t figured out from this article′s title, Sasha does die. But how it all unfolded was rather dramatic, even by ′Walking Dead′ standards!

sasha the walking dead

So Rick and his Alexandrians have been collecting guns and allies to wage a war of independence against Negan and The Saviors. At the very end of last week′s episode, Rosita had returned from Negan′s Sanctuary with one of his top henchmen, Dwight. Rick and his group are ready to kill Dwight, who offers help and a plan to kill Negan. Even Daryl eventually calms down and agrees to hear Dwight out. Dwight tells them that Negan will be attacking them very soon, perhaps the next day. He will try to sabotage Negan′s plan and slow them down enough fr Rick to gather his forces. Dwight wants Negan dead and after that, will lead Rick and his army to the Sanctuary to begin mopping up the rest of The Saviors.

Over at the Hilltop Colony, Jesus lets Maggie know whats happening. Their pseudo-leader, Gregory, has disappeared and is presumed to be off warning The Saviors. So Jesus and Maggie marshal their allies at the Hilltop and head for Alexandria for the big showdown. Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary, Negan brings Sasha breakfast to her prison cell. He smiles and tells her its ″The First Day of the Rest of Your Life″, which, by the way, was the title for the episode. Pancakes with blueberries forming a Smile Face. You gotta love Negan for some of his antics!

Negan explains to Sasha that he intends to use her to disarm Rick and his group. He hopes that by bringing her to Alexandria, Rick will back down from confrontation if he thinks that Negan will kill Sasha. However, Negan does plan to kill 3 Alexandrians as punishment for all of this trouble. Sasha agrees to go along but talks Negan down to killing just one as an example. Negan accepts the compromise. Back at Alexandria, the Scavengers, led by Jadis, arrive to help prepare defenses. Seems that Jadis has her eye on Rick as she asks Michone if he belongs to her? Michone gives Jadis the evil eye, but Jadis is unphased and declares that she will ″lay″ with Rick after the battle.

Maggie and her troop are not the only ones headed for Alexandria to help Rick. King Ezekiel and his ′regiment′ from The Kingdom are also on the march. They come across Morgan, who went rogue a couple episodes ago. Carol and Ezekiel convince Morgan to join them. Together with Shiva the Tiger and ″Jer-rr-ry″, they march on to destiny. Back at the Sanctuary, Negan leads Sasha outside as his people mount their vehicles. Eugene is with them as Negan shows Sasha a coffin on the back of a truck. He intends to have her inside it when they pull up to the gates of Alexandria. However, Negan does not intend for her to ride the whole way inside the coffin. But Sasha wants to. She tells him she could use some sleep and asks that they give her a bottle of water for the two-hour drive. Negan agrees and Sasha enters the coffin. Eugene has already briefed her on using the cyanide pill. He also gives her an iPod loaded with appropriate music.

Throughout the episode, we have scenes of Sasha listening to the iPod inside the coffin. The scene then usually cuts to tender moments Sasha had with Abraham or Maggie. It becomes quite clear from these that Sasha is preparing herself for suicide. The Savior convoy reaches an obstacle of trees fallen across the road to Alexandria. Negan is not happy about this delay, but it does allow Eugene to offer a slight change in plans.

The moment of truth arrives! The Alexandrians and Scavengers are deployed along the perimeter. They have an I.E.D. Set near the front gate to explode and hopefully kill Negan. All guns are trained on the road as the Saviors arrive. Leading the way is the flat-bed truck carrying the coffin and Eugene armed with a loudspeaker. As the truck parks at the front gate, Eugene tries to convince Rick and the rest to surrender. Rick refuses and signals Rosita to detonate the I.E.D., but its a dud! Suddenly, the Scavengers switched sides and now train their guns, provided by Rick, on Rick and his people. Checkmate!

Negan now swaggers up onto the flatbed. He demands that Rick turn over all of the guns, as well as powdered lemonade and his favorite pool table. He taunts Rick that he has brought Sasha along and two of his henchmen, Simon and Roy, remove a tarp hiding the coffin. They prop it up next to Negan. Rick wants to see Sasha first as proof that she is still alive. Negan is happy to oblige. He opens the coffin and out comes Zombie Sasha, who attacks Negan, knocking him off of the flatbed! Yes, Sasha took the pill and died long ago enough to turn into a Walker. In fact, she was the only ′walker′ in the whole episode!

All hell breaks loose! Carl acts quickly as everyone is startled and begins mowing down Scavengers. So, too, does Daryl, Rosita and the rest of the Alexandrians. Rick is still on top of the guard tower at the front gate with Jadis pointing a gun at him. Negan struggles as Walker-Sasha tries to bite him, but Roy comes to his aid. Negan escapes but now Roy gets his face bitten off by Sahsa! The fighting inside Alexandria continues but the Scavengers outnumber them. The Saviors open the gate and pour in. Many people are either killed or captured. Negan has Rick and Carl brought together, kneeling before him. It does not look good as Negan vows to kill Carl with Lucille. Rick is defiant and vows to kill Negan, someday, someway.

But that day isn′t today! Just as Negan prepares to take his swing on Carl, Shiva the Tiger leaps from out of nowhere and bites into a Savior! Yes! King Ezekiel and his Kingdom regiment arrived to save the day. So, too, has Maggie and the Hilltop Colony. Quickly, the Saviors and Scavengers are bloodied and driven out of Alexandria. Negan escapes with Eugene and Dwight in tow. Jadis also flees back to her junkyard. As the Alexandrians mop up, Daryl finds a toy soldier he knows belongs to Dwight. On it is written, ″DIDN′T KNOW′.

Rosita was shot and wounded, and Michone was also badly injured during the battle. Maggie and Jesus locate the Sasha-Walker and put her to rest. After a burial service, Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie hold a small victory rally. Maggie talks about how it all started that day way back when Glenn risked his life to save Rick trapped inside a tank in Atlanta. Ever since then, its been about family. Coming together to help each other. Building for a future. Back at the Sanctuary, Negan questions Eugene about how Sasha died inside the coffin. Eugene supposes that the tarp must have cut off the air. Negan seems to accept the explanation as he leads a rally of his own. A call to WAR!

So ends the Season 7 finale of ″The Walking Dead″. This, the 99th episode of the hit series on AMC-TV will not be the last time we see Sonequa Martin-Green. She leaves behind the Zombie Apocalypse to join the new series, ″Star Trek: Discovery″ on CBS-All-Access. Appearing on the after-show, ″Talking Dead″, Sonequa got teary-eyed several times as her fellow cast members showered her with praise. Her character, Sasha, went through quite an evolution since joining the series back during the Prison-Governor phase of the story. Much of Season 6 had her in a deep depression after losing both her lover and her brother. Sasha only started to come out of that darkness after becoming involved with Abraham. After he was murdered by Negan, Sasha was hell-bent for revenge. She certainly came close to fulfilling that destiny.

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