Sometimes I feel like the old TV detective, Columbo, who was always gnawed and puzzled by some basic, fundamental oddity at a crime scene. Such is the case of this whole story about Russia trying to influence the 2016 elections. Why would the Russians favor an unpredictable, loose cannon like Donald Trump over a very predictable, typical and highly corruptible politician like Hillary Clinton? I scratch my head and wonder, ″This just does not make any sense!″ Bill and Hillary Clinton have demonstrated throughout their careers that they will do anything for anybody if the price is right. Not to mention a long history of being cozy with Russians.

Hillary Clinton Russia

How soon people in The Media forget that the Clintons ran their White House in the 1990s like an amusement park. Step right up and have breakfast coffee with Bill and Hillary for only $5,000! For $10,000, you can spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom! Tickets are going fast so buy yours today! Bill has been a big friend of Russia ever since his college days. He spent a Christmas vacation in Moscow right in the middle of the Vietnam War. While the Russians were supplying our enemies with weapons and ammunition to kill American soldiers and those of our allies, Bill Clinton was partying down in Moscow, enjoy a school break in 40-below-0 weather. A rather odd way for a Southern boy to be spending a Christmas vacation.

The Clinton cash register was really ringing after the White House when Hillary became a senator and Bill was off doing speeches. Plus the slush fund created from their charity organization, often known as the Clinton Foundation. Takes a lot of cash to pay for Chelsea′s wedding and apartment. Plenty of Russian oligarchs contributed millions of dollars. Even more cash flowed their way after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton OK′d the deal to sell 20% of U.S. uranium ore reserves. Moscow banks were paying Bill Clinton double his usual speaking fees after that deal.

Even if allegations that Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort were earning a few thousand dollars from doing business with Russian companies, that is peanuts compared to the millions which John Podesta′s lobbyist brother, Tony, was allegedly making from businesses in Russia. Some estimates are in the $35 Million dollar range. Mind you, the Clintons took money from everyone, Russians, Ukraine nationalists, Chinese, etc. Quite a bit came from the Middle East, from countries steeped in Sharia Law, treating women like chattel. Yes, it seems rather strange to me that the Russian government would favor Donald Trump over a known quantity like Hillary Clinton. Especially since they have done business with her before and probably have a lot more material on her suitable for future blackmail.

Naturally, the Far-Left, Liberal, Fake News Media ignores all of this. Instead, they beat their war drums steadily against President Donald Trump. Even though the FBI has been investigating any possible Trump-Russia connection for nearly a year now and has yet to find anything. Even the heads of the CIA and NSA say that their intelligence reports no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. They even add that Russia has always tried to influence our elections going back to the start of the Cold War. Which raises another nagging question in my Columbo-like mind, ″For whom were the Russians favoring in past elections?″

Let us start with 2008 and 2012. Why has none of the intelligence heads told us who the Russians favored in those elections? Could it be because it was Barack Obama over John McCain and Mitt Romney? Obama was effectively raised by Communists in his family. His father and mother were Commies as were his grandfather, stepfather and favorite, childhood mentor. Who can forget when Obama told the previous Russian president to pass along to Vladimir Putin that after 2012, he would be, ″more flexible″? I′m sure the Russian favored Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. I′d be willing to bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that the Russians regularly favor Democratic Party candidates for president over Republicans since the 1950s.

But, the dopes in The Media and on Capitol Hill are too stupid, or too afraid to face these historical realities. Instead, they offer up Fake News about how Russia wanted Donald Trump to be president. Obviously, I am not buying that fish story. It stinks to high heaven! There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians would have preferred Hillary Clinton to be president. They know that they could either bribe or blackmail her. Crooked Hillary is as corrupt as the day is long! In the end, Columbo always tricked the real criminal into giving him or herself away. It is looking to me like this Obama-spying-on-Trump story is the thread which will unravel the lies of The Media and of the Democratic Party. Partly because ′The Truth′ is starting to surface and partly because unlike other Republican politicians, President Donald Trump is a counter-puncher, willing to fight back.

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