The idiocy in today′s journalism just keeps becoming more moronic with each passing day. So much so that it is hard to keep up with all of the silliness. Take a story aired by CNN back on Wednesday, March 22 of 2017. The so-called, ″Most trusted name in news″ actually raised the possibility that President Donald J. Trump was afraid of stairs! No, this is not an April′s Fool Day joke! This is real! CNN actually spent time on on this topic. They left their usual business of generating ′Fake News′ to create some ′Silly News″. Of course, this is not the first time that CNN has aired Silly News…

Donald Trump afraid of stairs

Who can forget when anchor-reader Don Lemon pondered out loud on CNN that maybe the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 airliner was sucked into a ′black hole′. Perhaps a ′micro black hole′, but a black hole nonetheless. That would clearly qualify as ′Silly News′.

I suppose one can argue the methods of distinguishing Fake News from Silly News. To me, Fake News is something which is completely fabricated, totally false. Silly News would be something which while theoretically possible, it is so outlandish and ridiculous that it bears no value in exploring or discussion. We know, for example, that the alleged ′dossier′ about Donald Trump arranging a shower party at a Moscow hotel is Fake News as it was fabricated. A piece of ′fan-fiction′ written by somebody on the website Some idiot ex-British ′intelligence′ officer heard of it from another fool and passed it along as opposition research to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Even the FBI and Sen. John McCain got wind of it, with the FBI apparently paying the dopey Brit for more dirt. Eventually, CNN and Buzzfeed went public with the Fake News story.

But ′Silly News′ is in a whole different category. I suppose that there is some remote possibility that President Trump may be a bit wary of long stairways. Does his caution qualify as outright fear? More importantly, does it qualify as a legitimate news story? Is it worth spending time airing it? Even ″The Hill″ wrote a somewhat critical article against CNN for wasting time on such nonsense.

CNN doesn′t want to air any stories about how the Obama administration had been using electronic surveillance systems of our national security apparatus to spy on political opponents. There are plenty of examples of them having done this, ranging from some 20 journalists, mostly from the Associated Press, Sheryl Atkinson on CBS News and James Rosen of Fox News. Obama even had fellow Democrat Dennis Kucinich electronically monitored. So it is not much of a stretch to see the Obama administration doing likewise on the Trump transition team, or even on Trump, himself, long before he decided to run for president.

I could go on and on with other important stories which CNN refused to cover. From Hillary Clinton selling favors to the Russians in exchange for big speaking fees for her husband to the whole Benghazi cover-up. Another item never raised is that old Defense Department press conference from September 10, 2001 when then-Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that some $3 Trillion dollars of spending could not be accounted for. Yeah, I know, 9/11 sort of knocked that story off the radar. But, here we are some 15 years later and we still do not know what happened to that $3 Trillion dollars! I would say that is a tad more important than whether or not President Trump is afraid of stairs. Now, I will say that CNN was recounting a story on Trump having bathmophobia which started in the British press. But to repeat this silliness is no better than them releasing the previously mentioned ′dossier′.

The best thing about Donald Trump′s election is that between his campaign and taking office, he is exposing all of the warts and ills in our entire socio-economic-political system. Journalism just being one aspect of this. Practically every corner of our national culture and existence is getting a thorough reexamination now that we have our first, truly rational president in decades. All of the filthy lies and BS which has been piling up in Washington, DC, as well as in Wall Street, Hollywood, and in press rooms across the nation are being exposed. We do not need Russian interference to degrade our confidence in The System. America′s journalists, college professors, politicians, etc., have been doing a fine job of mucking up the works on their own.

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