This will be yet another busy week for President Donald Trump. Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump is a one-man dynamo, working everyday and long hours at that! He actually holds meetings with people to listen to what they have to say. A big change from the last 8 years! Today, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch heads to Capitol Hill as his confirmation hearings begin. FBI Director James Comey will also be on ′The Hill′ to share info on the alleged surveillance of Trump and alleged ties with Russia. The President will later be traveling to Louisville, Kentucky to pitch the GOP health care plan, which may be voted on in the House this Thursday. We may also see more chatter and discussion on the budget the White House submitted last week, which has stirred up all sorts of ire among the weak minded.

Donald Trump busy

One story that stuck out at me was mentioned by Greg Gutfeld of the Fox News show, ″The Five″ last week. It seems that President Trump was hosting a dinner party which included the ambassador from Afghanistan as a guest. The ambassador had apparently been warned by others that President Trump is an obnoxious brute. However, as it turned out, the ambassador was shocked when Trump asked him some very basic questions which no other president or American official had ever asked him before. Questions like, ″What do you need to win against the insurgents?″, or ″What do you need for Afghanistan to become financially independent?″, and ″What is needed so American companies can invest in Afghanistan?″

Unlike Obama, who thought he knew all the answers, President Trump does not share in this foolish arrogance. A refreshing change to say the least! We have seen many other examples of this in the past 8 weeks. Trump holds meetings with a wide variety of groups, including business and labor union leaders, as well as with members of Congress. Pretty much on a daily basis. These meetings are not just photo opportunities, but real, genuine work is accomplished! Even ardent, Socialistic, labor union officials walk away saying that they have never had such a productive conversation with an American President before.

I call this, ′The Trump Touch′. Donald Trump is proving what we have long suspected. That having a successful business man as President of the United States would be a refreshing change from ′politics-as-usual′. The king of ″The Art of the Deal″ showed this natural skill set last Friday when he met with a group of Republican Congressmen who were not happy about Paul Ryan′s health care plan. President Trump intervened and turned a bunch of ′No Votes′ into ′Yes Votes′ after discussing possible changes to the bill. While there are still some GOP lawmakers who have yet to sign on, I suspect that Trump will deal with them in the next couple of days and turn them around, too!

Domestic policy is not the only arena where ′The Trump Touch′ is having an impact. Even with an awkward meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it seems obvious that Germany is admitting that they have failed to meet their NATO financial commitments for decades are will try improving on that record. The benefits of Trump picking former Exxon-Mobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State looks to be paying off during his trip to the Far East this weekend. Sec. Tillerson is causing quite the stir in lining up Japan and South Korea for a tougher stance on North Korea. He has even alerted China that there may be some serious banking sanctions unless they start leaning on their surrogate state to behave itself. The word is that the Chinese bankers are already bugging their politicians to put the screws to North Korea.

Welcome to the Trump Age! While the liars in The Media focus all of their attention on trivial matters, President Donald Trump is actually getting a lot done. The White House has already received some 200 bids to build ′The Wall′ along our southern border with Mexico just in the last couple of weeks. We could start to see some construction based on previous legislation begin within a matter of months. While he may not like the overall GOP health care plan, President Trump has accepted the reality as laid out by Speaker Paul Ryan that his plan is the only way to get a bill passed quickly without interference by Democrats. Even then, Trump is not ruling out future legislation which the Democrats may join in. A meeting with Rep. Elijah Cummings recently on improving methods for purchasing prescription drugs by the federal government looks to be something Cummings can get behind and support.

Yes, President Donald J. Trump is showing us all how wheeling and dealing can work as well in government as it does in the private sector. And he′s at it everyday! Even when Trump goes down to Palm Beach to his resort at Mar-A-Lago, the President continues to work a full, busy schedule. Despite all of the fake-news distractions around, it is hard to keep up with all of the real work Trump is doing. The lazy ones here are the News Media, whom apparently can only focus on one thing at a time. While they chase non-stories like some reality TV ghost hunters, President Trump just keeps plowing forward with his agenda. Another two or three months at this pace and Trump will have succeeded in fulfilling nearly all of his campaign promises. At least 80-to-90% of them, for sure! This is why I am not concerned with approval numbers. The Media has been pitching their same, old, anti-Trump rhetoric for nearly two years now and they still have not figured him out yet. I don′t think they will fully comprehend the errors they have made until the summer at the earliest. Even then, the full magnitude of the Trump Agenda will not be grasped by them until next year.

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