Which on-air, TV fake news personality will suffer a bout of ′Trump Derangement Syndrome′? Make way for CNN host, Fareed Zakaria! He now joins MSNBC host Rachel Maddow this week for behaving like a fool on live television. Zakaria launched into a rant loaded with profanity as a guest on fellow CNN host Don Lemon′s program Friday night. Fareed said ″B.S.″ at least four times during his meltdown over the allegations that President Donald Trump was under surveillance by the Barack Obama administration during the last month of the 2016 elections. Naturally, what Zakaria, and every other Liberal, ′Fake News′ ′Journ-O-List′ fails to comprehend is that the allegations never originated from President Trump, but from other news organizations, such as the New York Times! Trump merely tweeted about it on Twitter. If anybody owes Obama and the American people an apology for this narrative, its the NY times and the rest of the Fake News Media.

Fareed Zakaria

Just as the same Fake News Media owes President Trump and the American people an apology for the continuing narrative about collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 elections. There has never been any evidence of this and ′news′ reports are based completely on anonymous sources and speculation. Even with numerous members of Congress and former intelligence officials stating since last year that there is no evidence of any such collusion, the topic is continued to be kept alive by The Media.

Meanwhile, poor Rachel Maddow has embarrassed herself so badly after her over-hyping a 2005 tax return of Donald Trump that she now is blaming her fans and viewers for believing her too much! Hours before she went on TV, Maddow began tweeting on Twitter how she had gotten Trump′s tax returns, causing a massive, social media frenzy. But, after a long, dragged-out, build-up of ′the story′, the tax returns turned out to actually be rather positive for President Trump. The two-page document showed that he actually was rich, earning some $256 Million dollars that year, $153 Million after some depreciation losses, and paid over $38 Million in federal taxes, a rate higher than even most average, Middle Class Americans. So much for privilege!

So MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is now blaming her own audience for believing her hype. What a laugh! This just goes to show how insane these Far-Left loons really are. President Donald Trump has so unhinged the Fake News Media that they are exposing themselves for the frauds they have always been. In the case of CNN host Fareed Zakaria, a foul-mouthed fraud! Yes, the seemingly sophisticated, compassionate, mild-mannered Zakaria is actually an angry, vicious hot-head. Will Mika Brzezinski be next to have a live, on-air meltdown? Oh, wait, she already had one, too! However, it was so banal and insipid that it hardly was noticed. Mika, like the rest of the Fake News Media, still hasn′t figured out that the story about President Trump being under surveillance originated from The Media, not from Trump! If they want to know who is to blame, they need to look at a mirror.

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