Former Chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, comes clean about in a Time Magazine op-ed about giving Hillary Clinton debate questions from CNN. However, she offered no apology to Sen. Bernie Sanders for cheating against him. In fact, the way she tells it, cheating and rigging the presidential primaries for Hillary was part of her job. Brazile claims that she did the dirty deed to, ″help all Democratic candidates″. Well, I suppose one could argue that Bernie was not a member of the Democratic Party, as he lists himself as an Independent who only caucuses with Democrats in the Senate.

Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile gave the Hillary Clinton campaign copies of questions to be asked during a CNN townhall-style debate in February of 2016. At the time, she was the Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee, as well as an on-air commentator for CNN. She later became Chair of the DNC after former DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was exposed as also rigging the primaries on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Emails released by DNCLeaks showed how the DNC was working to obstruct the Bernie Sanders campaign. Members of the Democratic Party are currently claiming that these emails were actually leaked by Russian hackers.

For months, Donna Brazile had denied that she had given the Clinton campaign any debate questions. CNN had fired her as a paid commentator. A few weeks ago, Tom Perez became the new DNC Chair. During her farewell address to the DNC, Brazile said that she had sold the company car assigned to her because ″I needed the money.″ I have yet to hear if this admission was just an attempt at humor, or something else she should feel guilty about? I am guessing that even if she really did sell the high-priced SUV, the DNC would not file any charges against her. Perhaps the Democrats practice what the bandit Calvera said in ″The Magnificent Seven″, ″a thief who steals from a thief is pardoned for one hundred years.″

So it looks like Donna Brazile is now looking to clean her slate and start making money again as a political operative and pundit. Maybe MSNBC will hire her? That would be about right given the circumstances. Plus, we have Hillary Clinton saying yesterday that the time has come for her to ″come out of the woods″. I′m sure Donna will find a spot for on Hillary′s next campaign staff.

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