Once again, the Sean Spicer White House press briefings became the best show on TV! Yesterday was an Emmy-winning performance as Spicer ridiculed the press corps for their slanted coverage of the news. As reporters pummeled Sean with idiotic questions about the surveillance allegations, Spicer scolded them for sounding like ″crickets″ when it came to members of Congress stating that there is no evidence of any connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Seems that most of the Fake News Media only wants to report stories which may be harmful to President Donald Trump, and ignore any positive stories. Sean Spicer, as am I, is getting mighty tired of this prejudice.

Sean Spicer

Mark Burnett or some other bright TV producer really should make the Sean Spicer briefings a prime-time program. I′m sure it would get higher ratings than most of the crap on television. For over 7 minutes, Spicer rattled off a list of stories which have been either published or aired on various news media alleging that some sort of surveillance was being conducting on the Trump presidential campaign. Of course, Jim Acosta of CNN had to raise criticism of Sean mentioning one story aired by Sean Hannity. CNN recently aired some Fake News about how Hannity pulled a gun on Juan Williams after a heated debate on his show. Williams denied the incident, but the truth doesn′t seem to matter to CNN.

Sean Spicer, as well as President Donald Trump, himself, have referred to a story published on the front page of the New York Times, the ′paper of record′, back on January 20, 2017, which even used the very word ″WIRETAPPED″! The press corps also seems to have forgotten all about how the Barack Obama administration conducted surveillance on nearly two dozen reporters in the past, including about 20 from the Associated Press, Sharyl Attikson of CBS News, and James Rosen of Fox News. Attikson′s private, home computer was hacked by our government. Not only were the phone calls and emails of James Rosen ′captured′ by federal agents, but even those of his parents and family. Oh, and lets us not forget the wholesale, ″incidental collection″ by the NSA of communications of some 300 Million Americans during the Obama years.

The crux of the exercise conducted by Sean Spicer yesterday boils down to one very important fact. That the stories about the surveillance of the Trump organization and connections with the Russians are linked. Did the FBI or other intelligence services investigate any possible ties between Trump and his aides with the Russians? If they did, then there had to be some sort of surveillance involved.

We also know that somebody acquired the transcripts of several telephone conversations between Trump or his aides with foreign leaders and dignitaries. We know this because somebody leaked those transcripts, or summaries there of, to The Media. We also know that before leaving office, Obama issued an executive order making it easier for government workers to obtain intelligence from other agencies. Was this done to help Obama appointees gather dirt on Trump to be leaked later?

Of course, in the long run, there was no real dirt. None of Trump′s aides, nor Trump himself, did anything wrong before or after the election as far as interacting with the Russians. The whole thing was Fake News to cover up how Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was an untrustworthy, lying, terrible politician. She lost the election all on her own, not because the Russians were secretly helping Donald Trump. Yet, those in The Media are ignoring this reality, generally avoiding reporting any ′REAL NEWS′ proving an absence of collusion. CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post continue to fan the flames of conspiracy, despite every probe showing that none existed.

Instead, the liars in The Media continue to charge that there is no ′evidence′ about how the Obama administration was using our national security apparatus to undermine our own election. Sean Spicer provided a dozen or more examples of news stories indicating that there was. The Media discounts any ′anonymous sources′ cited about this, while still embracing such sources which accuse President Donald Trump and his staffers of collusion with the Russians. Sure, the Congress hasn′t learned anything yet about any surveillance as they have not even examined those news reports. They are only questioning government officials, the same sort who have been lying for years about the ″incidental collection″ of the private communications of American citizens everyday. Former DNI Director James Clapper denied it under oath to Congress when he must have known he was lying, committing perjury. Even FBI Director James Comey recently said that there is no such thing as ″absolute privacy″.

As Fox Mulder would say, ″The truth is out there.″ The reality is that everybody is being spied upon. If you use a telephone, cell or ′land-line′, or use a computer, smart phone, smart TV, or any digital device, some government agency is monitoring your activity. Even those ′smart meters′ for you home utilities and computer controls in your automobiles can be tapped by our ′spooks′. Its been that way for decades, if you must know. Data collecting via electronic intercepts has been around for a very long time. Now, with super computers and cheaper, better storage mediums, our government agencies can now actually use the countless billions of bits of data they gather routinely. Before Intel came up with the 8180 microprocessor, they really couldn′t access all of their accumulated data. Today, its as easy as pie!

The White House Press Corps needs to take heed of the lesson Sean Spicer gave them yesterday during the daily briefing. If you want to behave in an objective, responsible manner as a journalist, you have to report all stories fairly and honestly. Just as technology is making surveillance on the masses extremely easy, technology is also making it easier for the masses to learn the truth. The days of getting away with biased, slanted propaganda are fading fast. The Barack Obama administration was among the most clandestine, byzantine we′ve ever had. The Donald Trump administration has so far been the most open and transparent we′ve had. The same reporters complaining about Trump not releasing his old tax returns didn′t say one darn thing about how Obama hid his school and other records. One day, that all will come out and its probably going to shock many at just how much Obama lied and misrepresented himself to the American people.

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