Dr. Michael Savage, host of the nationwide, radio program, ″The Savage Nation″, was attacked Tuesday night at a Bay area restaurant. Rich Lieberman of 415 Media broke the story of the assault at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, California around 8:25pm Pacific Time. An angry man physically assaulted Dr. Savage after a verbal exchange. The assailant even shoved around Teddy, Savage′s 12-year old, pet toy poodle. Another man who tried to break up the fight was also punched by the assailant. Savage, 74, was first mocked by the attacker who made fun of his real name, Michael Alan Weiner. Police responded but made no arrest, the incident is being reviewed by the local district attorney. The brawl took place the Tuesday night as Michael Savage′s new book, ″Trump′s War: His Battle for America″, hit the shelves for sale. My book review will appear here soon.

Michael Savage Attacked

As a fan and semi-regular listener to his show (complicated after WJR moved him to 11pm), I am appalled by this assault! Is there no decency anymore in America? Beating up on a 74-year old is now acceptable in our society? Even if Michael Savage has the health of a man 20 years younger, there is no excuse for this. The guy just wants to go to a restaurant for a bite to eat. Liberals wonder why we want to carry firearms for self-defense? Well, this is why!

What if this fool did serious harm to Dr. Savage? As it was, Savage was shaken up and did receive some cuts. The attacked knocked him down to the ground and could have fractured or broken some bones of Dr. Savage. For our elderly, that is very bad as it take far longer to heal. On top of that, this kook kicked around Teddy! An old, small dog who has had some health problems as well recently. Is there no shame anymore?

So the guy is upset about Savage being a supporter of President Donald J. Trump. These Liberal loons have gotten completely out of control in recent months. And its only getting worse! Just look at what happened recently at Middlebury College in Vermont, when Libertarian Charles Murray, who is not a Trump supporter, was attacked while trying to give a speech to students. The political science professor who had invited Murray, Prof. Allison Stranger, an ardent Liberal, was also assaulted and seriously injured. She has to wear a neck brace now from the melee.

These Liberal nut-jobs are always accusing President Trump and those who support him of being Fascists, when, in truth, they themselves are the real Fascist thugs! It is they who want to shutdown free speech. They are the ones who initiate violence. Democratic Party politicians, the Liberal Media and Hollywood celebrities wink, nod and look the other way as this violent trend continues to grow and intensify. They better be very careful of that, for there are already signs that these thugs are not all that pleased with them as well.

Let us wish Dr. Michael Savage and his dog, Teddy, a speedy recovery from being assaulted Tuesday night. I hope that the clown who attacked them is charged with criminal assault and battery and gets the book thrown at him! Along with those who have been rioting and causing other violent incidents across the country. Examples must be made to restore law and order. If not, then this is only going to get much worse as time moves forward. A peaceful society does allow for disagreements, even on politics. But the growing trend of political violence will only serve to divide the nation even further.

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