Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) claims that in 2011, he was ′wiretapped′ by the Barack Obama administration. He learned about the surveillance in 2015, after leaving office. A reporter from the Washington Times played a recording of a phone call to Kucinich which he had with a son of Libya′s ruler, Colonel Moammar Qaddafi. Kucinich later obtained a heavily redacted summary of his phone conversation. At the time, Kucinich was trying to get a bill passed through Congress to prevent the United States from attacking Libya. He warned that the country would become chaotic and a haven for terrorism if Qaddafi were ousted. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were pushing to remove Qaddafi as part of a NATO operation. Qaddafi was killed during the assisted revolt and Libya did indeed become a nation of chaos and terrorism.

Obama wiretapped Dennis Kucinich

While Dennis Kucinich is no fan of the policies of President Donald Trump, it turns out that they may have this in common. That both were under surveillance by Barack Hussein Obama. Kucinich believes that the surveillance was part of the Obama administration effort to derail the bill to prevent another war for America. If so, this is a very illegal action as the Executive Branch may not use such tactics for political reasons on a member of Congress.

Kucinich does not have all of the details of the surveillance as of yet. Efforts to do so have been blocked by the Obama administration. The Washington Times article on the matter stated that the recording they obtained was recovered from Tripoli, the capitol of Libya. So it is difficult to prove that the phone conversation was recorded by a United States government agency. However, the documents Kucinich has obtained do indicate that the CIA had knowledge of the phone call recording. He also believes that the CIA leaked the incident and the actual recording to the Washington Times.

So, we now have additional proof that the Obama administration politicized our intelligence agencies against potential political opponents. Including a sitting member of Congress! Not only that, but that the CIA leaked intelligence to news agencies. This gives more credibility to charges raised by the Trump White House that surveillance was taking place against the Trump campaign.

John Solomon of the Washington Times and Sara Carter of Circa are reporting that there were possibly two surveillance operations against the Trump organization last October. That a FISA court warrant was issued to conduct surveillance on several Trump campaign staffers by some government agency. Also, that the FBI had monitored an off-site server being used by the Trump organization at Trump Towers for any contact with the Russian Alpha Bank. After two weeks, the FBI discontinued their surveillance of the server as they found no ′pings′ showing contact with the Russian bank.

Now, some will argue that this is not the same as the literal claim by President Trump when he tweeted on Twitter two weeks ago that Obama had ″wiretapped″ him. Earlier stories published by the New York Times and the Washington Post did describe the surveillance as including ″wiretapped data″ on some Trump campaign aides. We also have the fact that a summary of a transcript was leaked by unknown agencies of conversations between Michael Flynn and then Sen. Jeff Sessions with Russian Ambassador Sergie Kislyak. Also, summaries of transcripts of phone conversations between President Trump with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

So, is it any wonder that the Barack Obama administration is being accused of using our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to carry out political attacks? That these agencies are deliberately leaking such information to the news media for the purposes of undermining the Trump administration? With so many Obama appointees still working in these agencies, to whom do their allegiances lie? To the United States or to Barack Obama? The revelations by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich should suffice to prove that Obama was most certainly abusing his power. Let us hope that he is included in the probes into this matter by the House and Senate.

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