Cue up the ″Dragnet″ theme! Former judge, Andrew Napolitano made headlines today on ″Fox & Friends″. Under 50 USC 1802, a president can authorize a wiretap without any court approved warrant merely by getting his or her order certified by the Attorney General. How about them apples? Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum! Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum-Dum!!! Yes, it′s all true, boys and girls. So when you see these so-called ′experts′ on TV, telling you that ″Obama can′t order a wiretap on his own″, well, they are WRONG! So, it s entirely possible that Barack Obama could have told Loretta Lynch, ″I want Donald Trump′s phones and computers wiretapped.″, and all she would have to do is sign ′Okay′ and her signature on whatever scrap of paper he gives her. Who knows who would even have such a document for safe keeping? Given that some 97% of those employees of the Department of Justice who gave campaign contributions did so to Hillary Clinton, all you need is just one fanatic to execute the wiretap.

president wiretap

This is one of the problems we have in America. We have too many laws! So ignorance of the law is a valid defense, in my humble opinion. How are we suppose to commit to memory some 99,000 pages of federal law, not to mention how many ever pages of state and local laws you may be subject to? Plus, those idiots we keep reelecting to Congress every year continually keep adding MORE laws! On top of them, we have all of those bureaucrats of the alphabet soup of federal agencies and such who keep adding more regulations, each of which are essentially laws carrying fines and prison sentences.

Now, under 50 USC 1802, there are some conditions concerning a president ordering a wiretap in this manner. But, if you bother reading the actual law, you will see that there is so much wiggle room that one could drive a double-decker tour bus through it safely. Of course, in the case of the alleged wiretaps on Trump Towers, the DoJ may indeed have gotten a court order, using something as lame as ′Due Diligence′ to justify it. They may not have even done so using a FISA court, but instead a ′regular′ federal court judge, citing the investigation as a ′normal′ criminal probe. If this is the case, then nobody else in any other intelligence agency, nor on Capitol Hill, would have known about it. Once again, all Loretta Lynch would need is one federal prosecutor, loyal to Obama, Hillary and her, to carry out the order process.

The bottom line here is that the possibility of the Trump campaign having been wiretapped by the Obama administration is theoretically possible. Whether it was done by obtaining a warrant from a FISA court, a criminal court, or with no court, is actually a secondary issue. It could have happened by any one of those three ways. Most significantly here is that Barack Obama, himself, could have easily have ordered it personally, as he only needed Attorney General Loretta Lynch to certify it. The same Loretta Lynch who met with Bill Clinton privately while his wife was being investigated and just this week, made a video telling anti-Trump protesters to cause violence if necessary.

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